Do you ever feel spiritually, emotionally and physically lame?

This is how I’m feeling. It’s not about me this is where I have a hard time. I’m not complaining. I’m telling the truth how can I write when the journey with GOD hasn’t reached that full potential of his power to show whom he really is. It’s a story. The end yet the beginning is here. Everything you want me to do I can do at the beginning to the end.

I have become the laughing stock of all the people’s, the object of their taunts all day long. Lamentations 3:14

On my oh my…. I can so relate to this. St this time that’s what it is. Some my doing some not. Most people will go and get bitter to GOD. They will act out against one another and make each peoples hate other people. The bitterness on the heart grows so solid at times that they may never recover. They dip into addictions to the feeling of hate in which is what is happening today in our world. They don’t see the power of GOD and what he is actually doing. Not as punishment to anyone however to say hey. Come to me. I am love.

They forget what happiness is. It is so easy to do especially when you get caught in the thought of hate. It’s so sad. Yet it’s how the human brain the human being is taught through the minds of other humans yet at the same time it’s the Power of God.

He made my teeth grind on gravel, and made me cower of ashes my soul is bereft of peace; I have forgotten what happiness is. Lamentations 3:16-17

This is when your sick and tired of being sick and tired. Your fed up. Everything your realizing is coming from GOD. I don’t know about you however I pay very close attention to numbers. And if you look above it says I FORGOT WHAT HAPPINESS IS. How many of you feel that way? Even in the midst of understanding my friends their are days that I feel that way too. That’s why it says Are you Spiritual, menatally and physically lame? If the answer is yes. Look at the numbers. So if you think about it it’s 3:16. And what is 3:16?

For GOD so loved this world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him should not parish and have eternal life. John 3:16

When you feel down and out about life and feeling like that lame man then who do we turn to we turn to Jesus. That’s why he was made. That’s why GOD came back as man.

So I say “My endurance has perished; so has my hope from the lord. Remember my addiction and my wandering, the wormwood and the gall! My soul continually remembers it and is bowed down within me. But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope. Lamentations 3:18-21

You start blaming GOD you think you lose your hope, your love for GOD has parishes yet he is still there. He’s still there holding your hand because he loves you. He loves you so much that he gave you Jesus in which he gave you him. It’s the mind it’s the devil who takes that happiness away because we give him power to our thoughts.

That is why it says but this I call to mind and therefore I have hope. It’s the mind. It’s the thoughts that we give the power to that don’t exists. It’s a game that not only do we play with ourselves we play with the devil. That’s where the hope comes in from GOD.

The steadfast love of the lord never ceases; his mercies never come to end; they are new every morning great is your faithfulness. The Lord is my portion says my soul, therefore I will hope in him. Lamentations 3:22-24

My friends this is faith. This is a portion of faith. It’s the things that we hope for that are unseen. Which is GODhis son Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

His steadfast love is sooo true. His love is loyal. The most loyal love you will ever have. His love never ceases because everyday is a new day. Everything from the minute to the day before means nothing to GOD meaning what you did or someone did to you is a wash. It’s a brand new day every single morning. That’s his faithfulness to you. That’s what he wants us to do for everyone. So that you will build up your faith in him that he will take away the feeling of being that Soirirual, Mentally, Physically lame being.

The lord is my portion says my soul therefore I hope in him. The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.

It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. Lamentations 3:25-26

It’s all about FAITH in the ability to change the mindset.

Thanks for listening. Much love always Melissa Giles

Analyizing people

Should you really analyze a person. Isn’t that we are humans that think one way in which we are trained to think.

“TRAINED” Doesn’t that feel like your being potty trained or something, just as of Life. Ummm make you and me wonder.

Think about that thought for one second……..

okay maybe we should go 2 or 3 minutes.

Analyzing a person is only good of it is in the sight of GOD. During ur when your thoughts have come to he like of him he almost makes us want to analyze without judgement of now the person we are analyzing.

Now thinking about the “TRAINED” part! You must think about the mindset! The mindset of conscious and subconscious. That the conscious mind is definitely built and “trained” by the time your six. I personally like the word built verses trained. I mean you are not an animal however an animal in your thinking in which it would mean that you were trained. Well…. when it’s put that way. It’s worldly in which that would mean that you are in worldly standards in which you are trained. With such a harsh word yet such a harsh world you and I both live in.

The question is that we must change our way of thinking to be of spiritual and less trained.

You may be asking the question Melissa don’t you have to be TRAINED to be in of Spiritual thinking? And the answer is NO. You don’t. You learn to transform your mindset into be of one with GOD because you are learning not to be of the world yet to be of the Spirit.

When thinking of the mindset of GOD it’s thought not learn. It’s becoming of one not more than or less then. It’s of one.

To be of one it’s to be of one! It’s embracing the thought that nothing else exists in the world of worldly thinking. The judgement, guilt, Shane all of the emotions fade away because you have learned to be of one with him and of him. With that said who can you actually judge when you are analyzing another person? In all honesty you can’t. For you can only judge yourself and put yourself in their shoes asking yourself while analyzing this person if you have been there before.

This gains a high vibration from the creator of all things to know that yeah it’s ok to analyze however not ok to judge. When you become the one with him he is the only one whom can analyze and pass judgement on a spiritual level and will lead you to be the analyzer in one with him in the spiritual realm of thinking.

If you find yourself in another setting where you are the analyzer and passing judgement you are merely not in one with him and living in the worldly thinking of the world.

You are made to be in the image of him so the next time you are analyzing, first ask yourself have I been there and how may I help.

God bless you all, much love always Melissa Giles

Who’s your master?

For I am to stupid of a man and lack common sense. Proverbs 30:2

I’m telling you this is a proverb that should really be a affirmation. Really think about the Proverb then what you do in your daily life. Being spiritual myself I can sooo relate to this Proverb.

After complete transformation of my mind I still fall back in lacking common sense. And very honest about it. Truly.

It’s not a Proverb to make you feel bad. It’s a Proverb that says come on Christians you Spiritual people after all the years of teaching what really have you learned. How much real can I be.

I fed you with milk, not solid food, for you we’re not ready for it. And even now you are not yet ready. 1st Corinthians 3:2

Proverbs along with all parts of the Bible teach us to love GOD most of all. However loving him is also obeying his commandments. I made this blog or I should say GOD made this blog to for not only me to understand his ways are greater then mine however yours too.

I have to ask myself daily and sometimes I loose sight of this question.

Who is your Master? I seem to think daily uggg what am I going to do today? You know what honestly I don’t even ask myself that I should ask myself that. And perhaps writing this blog will bring attention within my thinking that the above Proverb should be in my thinking through out the day so that I could make better decisions through out the day.

My mind is so consumed from the beginning of the day one my Future. The future that I want so bad. I think about him all day long. Literally consumed with this person that I don’t even know for sure how true it is.

As I wake up in the morning and basically listen to the same songs just thinking what if.

The point of this and how I start my day. Is that we are to live in the present. Not the past or the future because honestly I don’t know what it holds and neither do you.

Being Spiritual and what I concentrate on is something that should matter however I don’t use common sense from what GOD has taught me in which is faith.

When you have faith you don’t consume your mind with negative thoughts because that’s not giving your life to GOD as he has taught you to do.

It’s lacking the common sense of being like minded with GOD.

That’s what I’ve been taught so the question today will be who is my master?

Will it be the choice of not being happy not wearing a smile not having the understanding and common sense that he has a plan. Will my thought reflect his thoughts will they reflect my own? The problem is that when I concentrate on things that don’t serve my thinking anymore I tend to have a bad day.

The brain is very powerful and today I choose GOD to be my Master. I pray for you and I that this happens because of the Love from Jesus lives in you and in me.

Have a fantastic Monday and July First. It will be the first day of your life if you just use common sense.

Much Love,

Melissa Giles. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😇😇😇😇

Attraction Marketing is a game changer. Find out Why

Attraction Marketing is key to building a successful online business. Here are some things you should do daily in your business to become successful in your company.

1. Add value to your prospects. Why must you add value? Value is explaining or showing your Audience who you are and what they need. It’s giving them hope when they are getting ready to quit.

2. Who is your target market? Finding your target market can be hard depending the niche your in. However you must find your target market because marketing to everyone is marketing to no one.

3. The people who are interested in internet marketing is your target market. You want to connect with people who are interested in building a business at home. They are looking for leads and signup for their business. So that is who you want to market it to if that’s what you have to offer.

4. All of the leaders online have an e-book. Create a short ebook to solve some of your target marketers pains. Why an e-book? It’s puts you as an Authority in your Niche. You become a author of a book. Again you are providing value to those who are looking for what you have.

5. Post motivational quotes. Inspire people. Attraction marketing is showing people who you are.

Do these things daily and you will become an Authority in your niche. People then will want to buy from you. People buy people not products.

Much love always.

Melissa Giles

Life is a Journey. When you meet GOD for the first time that’s when real life starts.

Knowing GOD like never before my first contact with him was in 2014 When I say first contact I can say I felt him like never before and that’s when my journey began.

Journey I mean Spiritual Journey. The Spiritual Journey is real. First leap of faith in 2013 after quitting my Job of 7 1/2 years to go for my dream. Starting my own business Spiritual Warfare well actually it’s GODs business. However he was using me and teaching me. What I didn’t know about the business is I couldn’t build a business not being the person GOD was making me to be.

With that said that’s when my Spiritual Journey began.

After not listening GOD made me homeless. He was like you want things for free and want to not be grateful for things that you have. You want to continually not listening then here you go. And he made it super hard for me. If you haven’t read the previous blog about that story I invite you to do so.

Moving forward he made me homeless. When I showed up at the Samaritan house in which was a homeless shelter I had no idea what was going to happen. All I knew is this is were GOD put me. I didn’t realize the true reason until later. All those things listed above however at first that was not in my head.

The people there almost all of them were talking to themselves. When I saw this I was shocked and I didn’t know what to think. For I too just like months before I ended up there I started doing the same thing. And again I didn’t realize what all this meant until way later.

The first day I was there I stood in line and waited for dinner. I can’t say that I was scared because I wasn’t. The long journey and things that took place helped me get over the fear of where I was by the time I got there.

I didn’t talk to anyone for like the first couple days. I got up was learning the routine and then I would leave the shelter and walk to the library. It was quite the walk. I walked everywhere. There was this girl that kept staring at me. And she looked familiar I just could not place who she was. The second day when I came back from the library and was getting in line to get a bed she was staring at me and she had shorts on. I remembered her leg. She had been in an ATV accident and it what been damaged real bad.

So when I saw that I walked over and introduced myself and talked to her. Needless to say we did know each other. It was her 3rd day out there and my 2nd day for me. We knew each other from like 5 to 7 years before. We became best friends. We never left each other. Except she really did not care for the library. Plus later on down the road she got band from there for having sex in one of the private study rooms.

So that was another sign that I was where I was suppose to be. My faith continued, and so did his teaching with changing the way I was thinking.

I could not believe how most of these people could be laughing and being happy in the situation they were in. It wasn’t pleasant. I started thinking but I truly was a miserable person when I had way more. So this situation got me thinking and displaying gratitude. The most important lesson I learned from being homeless. How could I act negatively seeing these human beings being so happy. I couldn’t.

Then Jen and I started talking and hanging out with other people. As our community as I ended up naming us grew we slept outside. Yup outside on the sidewalk. The only thing bad about this situation and hanging out with them is I drank a lot. I never drank hard alcohol before I didn’t like it and then I started drinking a lot of alcohol. Hard liquor. So then it was back to drinking all the time even in the morning. I think I can say that was when I was a true alcoholic.

GOD made me that way. He did so that I would learn his power. When I woke up on the sidewalk I think 6 months in that’s when I said I had enough. I remember sitting up one morning and said that’s it if I don’t stop I’m going to end up stuck out here. And I quit.

During this time I was still attending morning meetings with the Marketing company I was with. They were my biggest supporters while being homeless. Even tho they weren’t present there was a reason for that. And for whatever reason I accepted that. At one point there was someone who rented an apartment in the high rise. I would get up every morning at 3 am and I’d see the same car go by. Then at 6:30am or maybe a little bit before the light in this high rise would be on and this paper stick with a face would wave at me.

Yeah it was weird however….. I just knew someone was there. I knew that someone cared about me. And I knew some day we would meet and be together. That’s a whole movie and a book.

These were signs from GOD to keep being positive, keep getting closer to him and if I wanted to truly leave there then I needed to stop drinking. And at that point I had.

Our community was average size. We all would say we lived in the biggest mansion on the block. The sun always shined on us. At times we were the only one that got sun.

That was GOD.

My story of being homeless is long. For right now I would like you as the reader think about what’s going on in your life. The chaos the arguing cussing fighting all of those things and really think about the the thoughts GOD is putting in your head about change. If you hear a voice it’s GOD.

Keep your faith even if you don’t listen yes there however things gets 100% better when you do listen. Believe me I’m living proof. The story will continue.

Keep your faith.

Much love as always My Friends.

Melissa Giles

Do you have my attention?

Back in 2913, my life was a disaster. Not only was my life however my little Linda who was my second daughter was going through a lot to because of her mom being a drunk.

Actually I take that back because I was not always drunk. Drinking a lot none the less. I was in an abusive relationship and yeah it was really bad for both of us. GOD was there the whole time accept I wasn’t. However thank GOD he was.

It was at the end of the relationship with this guy that I actually New for 20 years. The reason we met again was so I could show him how to love again. And for me GOD was telling me that there are men out that had things and you are worthy. None the less it didn’t work out and that’s fine because life got harder and at the same time so much better.

I ended up giving my car to a lady I New that needed it, taking Linda and the bare necessities and went on the road with some people that my friend knew. Now not the brightest idea however again worse got better.

We went on the road and ended up in another part of the state. And yes I was drinking the whole time. Getting more than half way across the state I had to call my dad. There was no ands or buts about it. I could not go any further with Linda let alone in another state. So dad was 7 hours away. We waited for him.

I could not wait to see him. More so I could not wait to give Linda to him temporary til I could get my stuff right. Drinking, my thought of killing my self a house a job I mean everything just went down the tub every quickly.

To make a long story short dad was not happy to see me like I was him. He took me to the hospital and took Linda to his house. That was 5/26/2015.

He put me in a a facility that you could not have razors the doors were locked no belt and yeah. No! You know when I was in my addiction I was always right.

So as soon as he left I checked my self out. They provided a cab fir me to go to where I wanted to go. I thought that my kids GODs parents would let me in. Got there and nope burned that bridge. At that point I had nowhere to go. I walked up this very lonely street.

What am I going to do. No phone and on my own. All I had with me was some clothes, a book called Jesus eyes a little bit of make up and a tablet. That’s it. I got to the Macdonald up the street. I asked my kids God parents to call my aunt who was meeting me up the street.

No aunt, no aunt at this point it was dark. There was a guy sitting in a truck with loud music. I got up and went and asked if he could call me aunt. He said yes and invited me to sit in the truck. I said sure. So I did and he was smoking Meth. So what do I do? Yup you guessed it why should I stay sober. He let me out of the car and when my aunt got there he gave me some and my aunt and I went and say in Macdonald’s.

She took me to a hotel where my grans got me 2 nights. Now I had an so many people reaching out to me. I too was reaching out. However it wasn’t my time. When you see an opportunity to do something and you don’t do it it’s not necessarily you. It’s GOD saying nope it’s not your time. As harsh as that sounds it’s true. I had already took one real leap of faith.

He was just teaching me more. To say the least the 2 days were up and again no place to go. Btw I ended up flushing that stuff down the toilet because the cops were banging on the neighbors door and I got real scared. Thank GOD.

My aunt and I went and got my stuff from my dad and I ended up giving everything to a lady down the way when I left the hotel. Believe me she got clothes she probably had before.

I took with me my journal, my book called fixing my eyes on Jesus and went walking. The Lord said walk as far as you can and when you feel scared remember a verse from the Bible I am with you. I though ok. So there I went walking down the longest street in Colorado in a not so good area.

To make a long story short I walked and walked and when I got scared I either pulled out the book and read it or I thought of a verse. He never left me. I ended up in the hospital for a spider bite that night. I walked up to a church and this fine couple gave me a ride and gave me $20 fir food. I was super skinny. During the stay they treated me. Then said at 2 am you gotta go. I told them I had no where to go.

Oh wait let me back up. They had me on a heart monitor and I was laying there in the bed and I felt this heaviness on my chest as I’m praying to GOD just take me. What am I going to do. That heart monitor went off and the weight on my chest was very heavy.

I hear the nurses in the front say you go check her no you go she’s homeless. They were arguing to see who was going to help with the monitor going off and the weight on my chest was getting harder. Finally someone walks in and the weight went away. They said your fine you can leave. I told them that judging was a sin. In fact I yelled it. I gathered my things and left. Now down the other longest street at 2am with no where to go.

I walked to a 7-11 bought a pack of cigs and water and went down an alley where there were these people who were homeless and took me in. They allowed me to sleep on this old dirty couch and directed me in the morning where to go. They gave me a backpack where I put my things and in the morning started walking.

The story goes on and on to where I actually ended up in the area that I drove by for years never knew what it was. I just knew I never wanted to stop at a light because I was scared.

You guys when we are going through a lot and believe me it was a lot. GOD is always there. It’s about when will you say I’ve had enough.

And I hadn’t had enough. Homelessness drinking more than I ever had before still trying to do Spiritual Warfare while being homeless sleeping on a sidewalk. I always knew I was protected because he told me. Believe me he protected me out there and it was because of FAITH.

The question became every morning what’s next GOD?

Much love my friends trust him. He’s there. 💜💜💜

Melissa Giles