In what steps do you learn marketing?

1. Understanding what marketing is!

2. Find a system or product you can sell or make your own.

3. Truly Marketing is selling yourself. It’s who you are. Nothing more nothing less.

4. Know your Why! If you know your why, it becomes your motivator. Write down exactly what you want. More money a better career, working from home. What do you want? Have faith most importantly have faith. Know that you will have the things you want in this life time. We are made to have heaven in earth. Not hell on earth,

5. What do you have to do to get your why.

6. Learn learn learn!!! Action action action!

7. Participate in all calls, webinars, and groups you have joined. Stick with one company. Don’t jump around. Leaders will figure how they can get what they want. If you can’t do it with one company it’s not the company it’s you! Trust me!

8. Utilize social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. There are plenty of free trainings out there. Take your time master one then move to the next. Don’t get discouraged.

8. Stay positive at all time and of course be grateful for all things.

Much love

Melissa Giles

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