Self and Negative talk.

Negative talk is really really an image of yourself. Words are so powerful-words are energy sent to the Universe. You are actually manifesting what you are saying.

Everyone has negative self talk, and what you are saying about yourself is not true. This talk is your ego. Your ego is telling you lies, it tricks you to believe what you are saying is true. My friends it’s not. It’s keeps us Spiritually sick, and in all areas of our life. Mentally, emotionally and physically as well.

It’s the procrastinating, it’s the 2nd guessing, it’s the telling yourself you can’t when you know you can. It’s the voice that says don’t go to church, prayer doesn’t work, your not worthy of anything.

It says: After this many of his disciples turned back and no longer walked with him. John 6:66

My friends, see the devil is real and he is the voice in our head called our ego. The people started trusting more the Devil then they did Jesus.

That’s what we are doing today is trusting the devil which is our ego. There is a spiritual way of thinking and the devil will weezel his way in. You and I both fall for it.

Why can’t we trust in GOD like we do the devil?

It’s all in the way we think and how we change our way of thinking is to start and learn to have Faith.

Who are you listening to? I highly recommend you listen to Outwitting the Devil by Dr Napoleon Hill. Please don’t pass judgement on the name or who wrote it. Take my word for it and listen. What I shared here will make a lot more sense, even if your not a believer.

Know that God Loves you,

Melissa Giles

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