What is network marketing?

Network marketing is a group of Entrepreneurs who are dedicated to personal growth. These people are always learning. Let me tell you they are not only becoming a product of the product they are also being the product of themselves. Self discovery is huge in this business.

They understand that learning about yourself and always becoming better and better on a personal level is essential to ones success in all areas of life.

They understand that to become a millionaire they must be a millionaire at life. It requires hard work. That the hard work reflects not only on the outside. When you can fill whole on the inside you shows on the outside.

Here are some ways you can implement in your life.

1. Daily development of the brain is crucial. I hour a day to personal development. Listening to motivational speakers, meditation and of course listening to people who have accomplished what you want to be. People who who are a already successful.

2. Waking up to the universe or GOD whatever you can relate to use it. All things come from GOD. If you are a believer GOD is devoted to you.

3. Helping others is a huge part of Network Marketing. You have to talk to people and if you have over come something that someone else is going through then do it. We are people whom GOD made all of us to help each other.

On a side note just think if you learn to obey the 10 commandments just think how many people you can help! Just saying

4. How do you get to know people. Remember them when you talk, remember what they say. Kids, troubles, family etc…. what they did before. It’s a great way to build a relationship with them. It’s GOLD in this industry.

5. People who succeed in Network Marketing don’t jump from company to company. All rivers run into the same sea. You give all the people 2 million dollars and the money will end up in the same hands as to where it came from. Jumping from product to product will get you nothing but heartache and cost you unnecessary money. It’s not the product it’s you!

6. Remember to surround yourself with like minded people. It’s crucial in your changing your way of thinking. Influence people and vice versa. It works both ways and encourages both parties, holding people accountable for their actions and what they do or do not in their marketing business. You never know that person may have done something you have done and you can relate to one another and help each other to change that behavior or encourage them to do something different. Also really eliminates judgement. This also changes your way of thinking.

7. Marketers are disciplined, have self confidence and self control. They walk with integrity divorced to growth and dedicated to their passion. Also passionate about helping people. Remember at one time they were in your shoes!

Remember the cure maybe harder than the disease.

Much 💕

Melissa Giles

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