Where do I really start with GoDs love!


I cannot express how much GOD loves me and you too. I know that we don’t always see his love for us. It’s overwhelming and so easy to dismiss because the devil is in place. He tries to be stronger than GOD however it’s us that allows it.

You know, as I sit here and think about how many times the father in Heaven has been there for me and I’ve just ignored him. At the same time I didn’t. He was changing me to he like him. So strong at times that I’m disappointed in myself for dismissing his Love for me. After all the Spiritual Awakenings.

I remember I was still so strongly trying to build Spiritual Warfare. I would have writes block. Sometime I could write and sometimes I couldn’t. Videos! What were those in 2014. I was so scared. I would start the video and get cold feet and stop. I would even get ready for the video, hair make up the whole nine. Could not do it.

Now that I think about this journey and learning through him guiding me in the Bible and the story of Moses and Pharaoh. When Pharaoh was like I’m not going to let your people go. By the time Pharaoh was ready to obey GOD and his commSnd to let his people go GOD said no! He put a thorn in his side so that he may be tested even more. During this time teaching Moses who he was and his power. Showing Pharaoh even tho now you want to listen I’m going to teach you about my power and life.

I truly believe that, that’s what GOD did to me. He put a thorn in my side for many reasons.

One to teach me his love and power. Two, to teach me how he uses people to help people heal. Three he was teaching me my gifts that he gave me. He also was teaching me how to change my thinking to trust him fully and to love him unconditionally. And so much more.

This is how he started teaching me that he can talk to you through people no matter where you come from. That all things come from GOD even what people say to you. I can be so stubborn sometimes.


I was sitting on the couch, my daughter was at school and I was home alone. I never watch TV. I had a thought to turn on the TV that day and Today was on. In order to minimize the negativity that I feed my brain I stopped watching TV about 1 year before. Did not listen by the command if GOD to anything but KLOVE. I would go and try to turn the station and I felt like I was doing something wrong so I would turn it back. This went on for almost if not 2 years.

Back to the Today show! Lol. He’s got a great sense of humor. Always making me smile no matter what.

So sitting on the couch and watching the Today show with my bible in hand. The anchor I don’t know her name. She’s the black popular lady on there with the weather guy saying make this day a productive day. Do not just sit around and think about things. I thought to myself are they talking to me.

I heard this very dark voice that sounded angry. Get up! Boy I jumped up and went and got into the shower. I turned on Holy Spirit by Francisca Bettticilli. Washing and after washing my hair I felt now I know it was Jesus then I had no idea place my hands behind my back, dipped my head backwards under the water I tried to lift up and was unable to. This went on til the song was over. When my head was lifted out of the water, I flung the shower curtain open and there was no body there. After the tv, the voice and now the shower!!! I was confused. Did not feel scared.

I started to get my clothes on, my towel was on my head and I was standing by the bathroom door when I was stopped and I felt some massaging on my head with the towel on, and also on my belly, the same feeling. This happened for a good 5 minutes if not more. All I could do was stand there.

It stopped so I took the towel off my head. When, now I know to be Jesus grabbed me. He made me bow 3 times to him.

I then wanted to show everyone the power of the lord so I went and started making a YouTube video with that song playing in the background and several people thought I was crazy asking me what I was doing? When I would say and because it didn’t happen again not on camera. I don’t think people believed me.

With all of this said my friends sometimes he will put a thorn in our side to build us up to be an Imitator of him. No matter how long it takes. It is us that leaves GOD, not him that leaves us.

If we just give in and know that GOD has you. Truly clearly he does.

Father you are the most wonderful forgiving most powerful in all you do! I thank you and love you with all my heart and soul. Thank you for teaching me your power your patience and love for me. In Jesus name I pray amen

Much love my friends

Melissa Giles

4 thoughts on “Where do I really start with GoDs love!

  1. There are several Scriptures that show Paul’s thorn in the side were people [Judaisers] who were coming against Him. We blame Love [God] for many things because it’s easier than standing up and taking responsibility for our own choices and decisions. Selah


    1. This is very true, and GOD will keep that thorn in your side until you get it right. Even when your ready he may not remove it til you make some serious changes. That’s what he did to me. However there was a reason. When he says he makes all things beautiful in his time. During that time it’s a learning lesson. Thank you for commenting. I appreciate you


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