Are you a newbie marketer?

A heart of gratitude changes the attitude.

Are you a newbie? I remember when I was a newbie. I never knew anything about marketing. Not one thing. I knew I had a really good vision however I did not know how to accomplish it.

I worked from home already has a customer service representative. I had been with the company for a long time.

The closet thing I got to any kind of sakes experience was selling drugs. 😑 that was it. Dang that got me into a lot of trouble. So it was temporary income.

I started with a company call empower network. It was September of 2013 I was looking for some extra income being a single mother and it getting close to the holidays. When I came across them they were so powerful in what they spoke. All very positive.

Of course me and my tongue was my worst enemy. Cursing being very negative all the time. However listening to their motivation calls was up lifting and made me think about cursing for one. It took time however it worked. Eventually!

Sometimes these calls would be going on for a couple hours. I had a thought that I would start a company called Spiritual Warfare. I knew it would be about finding purpose however I did not realize that in order to teach I’d have to live it.

The other issue was I had no idea how to set up a blog, a website, leadpages, scared to death to do videos, what was a landing page not to mention a contact. Really I can’t do videos and if you don’t have a high dollar product or service to offer then there is money in doing webinars for the lower end of internet marketing.


An online presence. Branding yourself. How overwhelming it was on top of my full time job being a single mom and then at the end of the day it’s all about you.


I was not successful with Empower Network. Jumped to Big Idea Mastermind which was just some one redoing what Empower network was doing in his own words. Was not successful with that. Then jumped to another one yet another one. Having in mind that I just knew in my heart I would have all the money, and the lifestyle everyone was advertising.

Let me tell you having shining object syndrome is not the answer. However, to a Newbie just starting that’s how the brain works. Not looking at the brighter bigger side of Internet Marketing and it having to do with YOU.

I also did not want to do what everyone else was doing. I was trying to reinvent the wheel and quite honestly in order to get an online presence you do what all others are doing. They already have an online presence, people already like know and love them. They have already gone through what being a Newbie entails. Everything that your going through now is what they went through too.

With this being said

1. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Do what other leaders are doing. That is your online presence. That’s how you grow your list.

2. When you attend a Webinar or some kind of training. Teach what you learned. Don’t sit on it like I did and Keep it bottled inside like it was some kind of problem. LOL it’s not.

3. Work on yourself daily. When listening to motivational calls Implement it in your life. Such as getting up early to listen, meditation, starting your day with your higher power. Being consistent is Hugh.

4. Read a motivational book 1 per week. Such as Think and Grow Rich by Dr Napoleon Hill, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker, How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie, The Secret to Success by Wallace D Wattles and really the most important in my opinion to be able to understand the books mentioned in their entirety Outwitting the Devil by Dr Napoleon Hill. This book is self explanatory by the name of it. I truly wish that someone would have told me about it in the beginning. This is a book you don’t want to put off listening to or reading. I highly recommend you listen to it verses reading it because it someone is speaking the words and recommend using ear phones in which holds lots of power. These are just to name a few.

5. Take notes or journal about your experience in growing and learning this industry. Who knows has you become more familiar and start making progress you can teach the next Newbie the things you learned. Could possibly make an E-book to make money while your working on yourself and mindset. Make it post it and sell it. Just think 1000 people like it but you sell it for $1 that’s a extra Thousand dollars minus the cost of making it.

I know for me this whole thing came from God. I did not realize it at first however now I do. I remember after the first 30 days I was loosing money not making money. I was suppose to be making extra money for Christmas and I was spending money I did not have. I was In the hole big time. The hole was getting deeper it was like I was standing in a well and the more money I spent the higher the water I was about to drowned. At least that’s how it felt.

I would start thinking about quitting after just a few weeks. I could not afford it. That’s what I kept telling myself and in reality I couldn’t. However I could afford listening to all the motivational stuff. When I would start to think about quitting something would happen. Such as one time I was in a used book and record store I gave someone a ride. I had no intentions of buying anything myself. I had $5 to my name. We went up to the counter so said person could but their items and there was a set of Angel Cards by Sonia Ricotti they were $5. I thought I am not going to Spend my last $5 on these cards that were seriously pulling me into them. I had no idea what they were. Just like Internet Marketing. However, they kept calling me. If I remember correctly mind you this was in 2013 I was almost to the door to walk out with my friend and I stopped went back and bought them. I had to ask my friend for the money for the taxes.

With that being said I went home and started reading them randomly. As they were working and explaining don’t quit keep going. I was shocked by the encouragement of them. As much as I wanted to quit I could not.

As time went on I was trying to figure out how to do a Website for Spiritual Warfare failed miserably still spending money oh but those motivational calls and webinars were great. I was stubborn in thinking I can’t sell someone else’s service or product I just thought I’d continue trying to make my own.

With all of this being said….

Don’t quit. Being an Internet Marketer is a higher calling to a higher plain of consciousness which is your thinking. If you want to quit and can’t I promise hang in there. Start to really pay attention to what’s around, signs that the Universe, God whatever you call it is telling and teaching you. You just be opened minded to all things in order to really receive what the Universe is telling you.

Most likely you will have to change habits, possibly limit the relationships you have with other people as well as taking at look at who you are. All said is hard however looking at you is even harder. Once you start taking continuous action towards your character it becomes easier in time.

Be patient with yourself. Say affirmations every morning.

Such as…..

I am worthy.

I am beautiful/handsome.

I have greatness inside.

I am amazing.

I am loved and love myself.

I am grateful.

I have full faith that I will walk into my destiny.

I am committed.

Make up your own. Pray about it the thought of your higher power will tell you what to say every single morning.

No higher power. No worries use these listed here.

My friends this is not made to be easy. I promise. If it was made to be easy then we would all be millionaires.

Oh yeah! Want to be a millionaire, you must be a millionaire at heart first.

You have value to offer people. This business it about people getting to know trust and like you.

If you don’t like you then how can someone else. Keep that in mind.

This industry hands down us about YOU and WHO YOU ARE.

Lots of positive energy being sent to you for a bigger view of what’s in front of you.

Much Love

Melissa Giles

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