The Law Of Growth

Fear of the lord is the foundation of true knowledge but fools despise wisdom and discipline Proverbs 1:7

The law of growth is ultimately the Law Of Attraction. The formula is as follows what you say is what you attract, what you attract is what you are thinking and what you are thinking is what is coming from the heart which is coming out your mouth in which places a part in decision making and will decide on your attitude.

All of this combined is who YOU are. Who YOU are and the meaning of your Character determines the success or lack of in all areas of your life.

It is the flesh vs spirit. It is the conscious vs sub conscious. It is what you have been taught. How can you change if you are not aware of your thinking?


That is the formula.

How do you start the Growth Process?

1. Recognizing and learning the law of attraction. Knowing and wanting to change who YOU are. Wanting something different in your life recognizing it’s you whom must change. When you start learning and taking action on changing your character the Universe or what I call GOD starts helping you. He starts showing you your character defects. For me it was through Proverbs. There are 31 chapters in the Book of Proverbs and there are 30 days in most months. Read the chapter for that day or randomly pick a chapter and I promise you GOD will show you what you need to focus on for that day. Let me tell you it can be a hard pill to swallow and most likely a defect you did not realize you had because that’s how you were programmed. However, your sub conscious is telling you, you want something different. So is the Universe telling you there is something different far greater than you ever imagined in store for you.

2. Taking daily actions to move you along in this process. Such as meditating, and reading. Writing a plan of who you want to become. Keep a journal of your progress. Re-read it say 5 or 6 days later you may see something that you stopped working on that you may need to continue.

3. Get a clear visual of who it is you want your character to be. Make a collage. Look at it daily and process it. Picture it in your minds eye.

4. Study and read about changing your way of thinking. When it’s all about YOU and who YOU are you have to find something to read and someone to follow that you can resonate with. For one action that you want to take to become a better person in all areas of your life there is 50 million ways to do so. That’s how the Universe which to me is GOD works. He makes everything a million and one time so that the person can learn and accomplish what it is that he/she is working on.

That way YOU have no excuse.

5. Putting all of this into action daily is crucial. If you want it bad enough you will work on yourself daily not only learn it however put it into action. At the beginning I suggest doing what is explained in this 3 times daily. Morning noon and evening.

It’s not easy. You truly have to want it. Remember in order to be a millionaire you must be a millionaire at heart. It is then that the universe which again to me is GOD gives you what you are putting out.

Much Love My Friends,

Melissa Giles

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