Why it’s important to stay away from naysayers.

Your vision is not someone else’s vision. Most likely the people closest to you will be naysayers. Unfortunately. I get it. It stinks because you not only want their support however you want to share something with them that means a lot to you.

Trust and believe I know. I still don’t have support from the one person who means a lot to me (besides my daughter) that’s my dad.

Ugh 😑! Have never had his support and I would like to think he will come around and I suppose he may with this vision. However, I don’t feel like he will until I am successful at it. What he does not know is truly have been successful at it because it involves becoming the person GOD made me to be.

I know how bad it hurts to not have that support from the people who you love dearly. However, if you have someone like this in your life or multiple people it is crucial to your success and to your motivation to keep your distance from them.

Remember it will be temporary until you are taught to be stronger in being able to talk to them with out it bothering you. It’s hard to become Successful when your hearing you can’t or it’s a scam.

See, everyone in my family which is not big said no Melissa. You can’t there’s no way it’s a scam yadad yadda yadda, woop de woop! The whole nine. In fact my parents pretty much disowned me. My dad just absolutely disliked it. He told me that when he was in his twenties he tried something like what I was doing and it was all a scam. He was never successful at in which he worked and still works his butt off and is miserable.

My mom I thought at one time was coming around. I had not talked to her in a year or maybe two I was homeless and she came and saw me. I was able to get off the street a few months later and we were talking everyday. I was saving for a Trip to Texas for an Event I soooooo wanted to attend. We were talking everyday things I thought were going really well. Then just one day out of the blue she stopped answering the phone. I would leave her at least one message a day. A positive message. Then a few days later down the road she called back. Me being very excited Hey Mom! I hear on the other end. You know Mel I’m just not feelin it. I was like WHAT!?! She said I’m just not feelin it. I said alright well we don’t need to talk everyday like we were. You know like a couple times a week. She was like yeah! We hung up.

First I called on Jesus. I was broke. I did not do anything. I was nothing but positive to her. I did not understand. So I listened to a song called breathe. Played that. As always he comes through for me. Calms my thinking etc. waited a few days I called to see how she was doing and she changed her number!

Here comes that song again. Just breathe.

Now that I think about both of these situations GOD was teaching to honor my mother and my father which is the 6th Commandment.

He taught me from the beginning to forgive my dad because he knew how much I loved him and still do to this day.

I understand In some ways why my dad would be frustrated about things. However, everything happens in GODs time, not ours.

My mother who knows I pray for her. That’s about all I can do in hopes that she too will come around.

With all of this being said be patient with yourself and with others because you don’t know what the end lesson is going to be from GOD. You just don’t know. For me on this one it was obeying a Commandment.

Everyone’s relationship is different. That’s why it is called a personal relationship. It’s crucial to have that. In having a personal relationship with him he is teaching you at the rate you learn, or obey or both. That’s between you and him.

It’s when you become open minded and love him with all your heart and soul that he teaches you even more.

Remember it’s temporary that you may have to limit yourself to Naysayers. Honestly the more you change who you are the less you want to be around those types people anyways. It takes time and obviously the courage to want the change.

Surround yourself with people who are doing the same thing as far as personal development goes. Engage with people who understand you and who your wanting to become. Do your best to be as positive as possible.

At first it’s not easy however you can do it. If you want it bad enough you will do it. Know the more you do it the easier it becomes. Just like anything in this life. The more you practice it the better you get rather it be good or bad if you think about it.

Just be consistent, know your vision, always be thankful, and surround yourself with like minded people. Don’t just surround yourself interact with them. That’s important too.

Much Love My Friends

Melissa Giles

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