Wisdom shouts from the streets; she calls to the crowds along the main streets, to those who are gathered in front of the city gate. How long you simpletons, will you insist on being simpleminded?

How long will you live this way? When will you see the light? When will you see me in the light? It is so useless to live a meaningless life.

Don’t you want to live a prosperous life and be above average? With this we must change our thinking. You can no longer be simple minded anymore. In changing the way we think changes behaviors.

Why not start changing your thinking by living every day like it was your last? Taking one day at a time.

Search for wisdom, as wisdom is really looking for you. See, wisdom is the Holy Spirit. She says come to me let me lead you. I always looked at the GOD, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as one. The Bible says she cries out to the streets which to me would mean public. She cries out to all of us that we gain knowledge of her through Jesus that we may gain Wisdom to have a better more abundant life.

Wisdom is nothing more or less than who YOU are. If you are not happy with who YOU are your lacking Wisdom.

Here is a quick story:

I was having a real hard time in Grand Junction. Only a couple of years into my daughter growing angel wings, was in another abusive relationship, and was drinking a lot.

However GOD was calling me. JESUS was calling me. The Holy Spirit was calling me. I was praying everyday everyday for something to happen. Something good anything at that point I was pleading with him.

Going up to the mountains has always been very healing to me. I had plans to go up to my friend Alices house so I could be by myself. The night before I had a dream about me sitting on a chair in the clouds and Jesus was there. He was asking me to give my life to him. To stop what it was that I was doing and submit.

The next day I got up took my daughter to school and off I went to the mountains where Alice lived. It had snowed which was was kind of weird. I was wearing Rubber boots. They did not have soles in them. When I walked into Alice’s she said to me it’s kind of weird it snowed uh? 2nd hint from the dream. I was like yeah. I was anxious to get down to the area to be by myself.

Alice showed me the 4wheeler which was waiting for me and I drove down into the wilderness. As you walk into the area where the chapel and everything is there is a circle of tree stumps. I walked fast because I was wearing rubber boots with no soles and at that point my feet where really cold.

Instead of falling to my knees pleading with GOD I brushed off one of those tree stumps and invited GOD to come sit with me. I wasn’t there long because of my selfishness of leaving because my feet were cold.

It was not long that I felt like he was not there and I jumped back on the 4 wheeler and went back to the house. When I pulled up Alice was on the deck sweeping off the snow. When I walked up she said to me I thought you would have been down there longer. 3rd hint. I wanted so bad to drop to my knees when I got out there and I didn’t. I should have stayed.

He wanted to see how bad I wanted his help. He already knew I needed it. I choose to walk away. I don’t know how many times I have walked away from GOD. The amount of time that I have been doing this says a lot of times.

He has never turned his back on me. Not EVER! How foolish of me. Definitely not a women of Wisdom at the time. I was in jail when I wrote this.

My friends GOD is so powerful. I can’t tell you of his power. Why am I so worthy of your power GOD? I used to think I wasn’t and I’m sure you have to.

You are worthy of his power. It is by gaining wisdom and obeying him his commandments that we can develop true Wisdom and not be simple minded anymore.

The book of Exodus is perfect for learning the Moral Law and his Commandments.

The book of Proverbs is great for gaining wisdom so that you may use Wisdom in your every day life.

The book of Ecclesiastes is a book full of directions of living a moral life after the life you were taught.

How long, O simple ones, will you love being simple? How long will scoffers delight in their scoffing and fools hate knowledge? Proverbs 1:22

Much Love My Friends,

Melissa Giles

P.S. If at anytime you do not understand a word. Please look it up in the dictionary for everything has a meaning and believe there is a meaning for all words and how they are used. It may not mean what you think it means.

Example: Did you know the word OF means state of being? I didn’t. Look it up so you can see what I am talking about.

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