Will you understand your audience?

Ideal customer would be that the person really needs a friend. Isolated and feeling like a failure.

People are worried about failure and procrastination. Do you find yourself talking to yourself? Is there to many coincidences in your life. Example you know who’s calling in the other line, or perhaps your speeding and have the thought to slow down. Just around the next corner is a cop that is clocking people. Do you find your self day dreaming a lot and find yourself absent minded?

Now would be the time to ask yourself what we’re you thinking you wanted to be when you were younger. We all said at some point as a child I want to be a……… fill in the blank. In which for me was a teacher or a lawyer or a lawyer than a teacher.

With thinking about this and as you have gotten older you start meeting your inner self in which is your mind. To break it down it’s the conscious verses the subconscious.

Did you know that your conscious mind is built from the time you are 0-6 years old? In which backs up my thinking and what I’ve talked about is your born into Sin. Because your mom and dad unless obeying the 10 commandments were sinning.

I know my parents were sinning. However even with the generational curses that run in my family I at a very young age wanted something different. I at 15 wanted to leave home for one, two I was tired of being a mom at 12. So by the time I hit 16 I was ready to leave on my own.

It was the experiences through life that helped me get through being a kid for one and for two I was ready to be on my own.

At 16 I left. Still having the dream of wanting to be a lawyer or teacher. So with coming to the conclusion of wanting to leave my sub conscious mind was formed. Starting forming at 9, finding the inner voice and speaking on it and acting on it when I left at 16.

Do you see it understand now how the subconscious mind works? To break it down one more time.

Mom dad had me. Mom dad were sinning when they had me, being born into sin. My life was hard. Being a mom at a young age with siblings. Conscious mind was built til I’m six. After six reaching 9 my subconscious mind is being build and by fifteen or sixteen I found my voice and left.

Now the conscious mind and subs conscious mind is working together in a sense because I got out of there. Was wanting and making decisions for myself.

It wasn’t til 2013 that I found the inner being. WELL into my 30’s

Going to now.

Conscious mind in a lot of ways has kicked rocks. I’m more using my Subconscious mind to make decisions. The inner being us being awakened.

However there are things that are constant battle!!!

However life isn’t so bad when your inner voice is working on getting better and better, the ego has kicked rocks.

My friends it’s very simple. If you think about your life in the context that I am speaking of then you will start to understand the moral law of love.

Have a great day. Much love my friends

Melissa Giles

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