Proverbs April Fourth

To gain wisdom us to gain understanding. When you gain wisdom you look successful not only to man but to GOD.

In the first four chapters Proverbs really outlines Life by gaining Wisdom and love for your parents. It talks about Jealousy, being envious, all types of emotions that turn into human behavior and being caught up in Worldly thinking.

As said before the Proverbs are to get us to realize how we are thinking and to give us the knowledge of the 10 Commandments and realize that our way of thinking is not of the character of GOD.

With that said how can we turn to true wisdom without the knowledge of how to gain it.

With that said please go back and watch the videos for the first 4 days so that you may understand the foundation of Wisdom.

I remember when GOD started showing up in my life when I was feeling really down about my parents. I have a mom and dad. Both I love very dearly. However my mom hasn’t always loved me. My mom is different than my dad.

Without my dad who knows where I’d be. With that said I do not have a close relationship with neither one of them. I wish too however I don’t.

At the beginning of this Spiritual Journey GOD started showing me that he is my parent. He is both my parents. He loves me unconditionally as my parents do not.

He also taught me to forgive my dad along the journey because I love my dad with all my heart and soul and it hurts me even now that he feels the way he does about me. However I know that GOD is here for me.

He would lead me to Christian songs to calm my mind. He would show me in so many different ways that he was there.

In time I know that time will heal all relationships even with my mom.

With that said to gain knowledge and to understand wisdom is to learn how to love your GOD first and foremost and no matter what Love your parents. When it seems impossible know that nothing is impossible and the word impossible mean a reason not to try.

GOD is there for you just like he was for me.

Much Love My Friends,

Melissa Giles

P.S. If you got value from this post please share to friends and family and don’t forget to leave me a comment.

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