Gain wisdom

For April Fifth 2019. GOD says in the first 5 days of Proverbs meaning the first five chapters he is consistent in commanding that you obey his laws, gain knowledge and understanding so that you may gain Wisdom.

In today’s reading GOD is talking about the adulteress women or man. He speaks of both. Really watch out for either one.

First off there is the 7th commandment of the 10 Commandments do not commit adultery. Secondly he sets the scene from the beginning in Proverbs about committing Adultery he speaks of being envious, jealousy, which is 8 and 9 of the 10 Commandments. He sets the scene that you need to look for his guidance through the Proverbs so that you may gain knowledge and understanding.

With that being said today is pen pointing the commandment of commuting adultery. When there is another person that is coming between you and your relationship that you must take a look at the situation and the motive of the person that is coming into play.

Perhaps their intention is for personal gain instead of what you may be thinking. He teaches that we should be aware of that person, man or woman.

Nobody is to do anything for personal gain. He talks about loving the women of your youth. Your first love, that he was the one that placed this person in your life. Love her, keep her close to your heart.

Pray for peace and understanding and if there are problems pray for guidance. GOD will fix the problem.

For those of us that are waiting for that person to come by GODS grace they will come. Without a doubt. Stay true to yourself and that other person that you are waiting for.

Please feel free to leave a comment and questions that you may have.

Much Love My Friends,

Melissa Giles

PS if you haven’t seen the videos from previous days please watch them on my Facebook page.

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