A generation goes, and a generation comes, but the earth remains forever. Ecclesiastes 1:4

Do you think that this is a choice? No choice. People come and people go right. We are all born and we all die. So then the question above wouldn’t make sense. Right? Right!

There is no remembrance of former thing, not will there be any remembrance of later things yet to be among those who come after. Ecclesiastes 1:11

This is true? No, not really. There are many people who are remembered, and why they are remembered. Right? Yup!

And I applied my heart to seek and to search out by Wisdom all that is done under heaven. It is an unhappy business that GOD has given to the children of man to be busy with. Ecclesiastes 1:13

It is not GOD who leaves us. It is Us that leave him. He did not make this an unhappy place for ya. It is us that choose to be unhappy. The realization of this passage really has set in.

GOD is there for both you and I daily. I feel like it is the teachings of the word is what we do not listen to.

In the circumstance that is here in the presence time is that Faith yes. It is the right time. For there is no other time to wait. If you are unhappy it is a choice to be that way. To be grateful is another. So, again there is no unhappy business in this world unless it’s you.

The only thing new on this planet you. It’s who you are and who you are becoming. It’s what you present yourself to be. It’s what holds in your heart and in your mind.

The only solution to being whole in self is Be in one mind with the father in Heaven. It’s a state of being. It’s a higher frequency of consciousness. It’s amazing when reached.

Faith is the master of life. Everything under the sun is completely meaningless, which is why there is YOU and FAITH.

Much Love

Melissa Giles

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