Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him. Proverbs 26:12

When I read this scripture and think about it in my own life. It’s like a sword to the Hearst I’m so many ways. Truly being wise is so easy yet, yet being a fool is even easier than being wise.

Isn’t it amazing how that works. It’s easier to be bad than it is to be good. It’s easier to make excuses of why we can’t do certain things in our life. Especially the things that we are expected to do. Such as daily chores, work, routines etc. it’s easier to procrastinate than it is to do what we are to do.

Now if you think of just the opposite of know that there is a purpose for your life, you know it’s out there, you know it’s waiting and still you procrastinate. Everything you ever dreamed possible us sitting at your feet waiting.

So then would that make you a bigger fool? No! It doesn’t just means you have to continue to gain more knowledge and understanding of what you are to do. The will, the passion, the love for people and of course spreading the word of your Father who sits in Heaven. Quit being lazy.

As the door turns on its hinges, so does a sluggard in his bed. Proverbs 26:14

(Sluggard means lazy)

In a person with the 9 to 5 job. The thought of the world is that if you work your job than you are not considered a lazy person. A person that works any job is not considered lazy because they are working no matter the time. However, the person that works and doesn’t do chores, cleaning, errands…. the house is a mess the lawn is not mowed etc. I think you know what I mean.

The sluggard buried his hands in the dish, it wears him out to bring it to his mouth. Proverbs 26:15

That person is considered to be lazy because those things are not done. I’m the mind of the person that’s not being lazy because they work a job.

The sluggard is wiser in his own eyes than seven men who can answer sensibly. Proverbs 26:16

Have ever been told by other family members your lazy. Rather you have a job, or no job or what ever your case may be. It’s lazy if you don’t go an extra mile in everything that you do.

With that said the proverb above is ment to look at being Lazy in a different aspect and that is that we are made for so much more. More than we can ever imagine. More than the 9 to 5 job more than the “Normal” life you are living right now.

What’s normal? Personally I don’t think people should be called Normal anymore. That word is deadly to society and the energy that we all are putting out there. We should call all people extraordinary people to kill the Normal word. The energy of extraordinary will put a smile on peoples faces And better energy put into society then maybe just maybe we can change or alter the energy for people who just think they are normal. The new Normal is extraordinary normal.

Today use these Proverbs in your own life. I promise it changes the way you think. It’s a hard reality however if you can get a nudge from GOD to make you take a look at your thinking and ultimately your character and who you are why not. Remember your not Normal any more your extraordinary normal.

I love reading Proverbs every morning. I’ve been thinking about my work ethnic lately really hard. I’m sure some person can relate. I’ll be looking for work behind the counter where I work. I can’t find anything to do. So then some one else will come behind the counter and they have like 5 to 6 cartoons of cigarettes to stock and just busy all the time. I think to myself what the… why? I just stocked those.

Point being is it’s the whole mindset of how we think about work, and or how we perform at work or something that your doing personally of really in anything that you do. So for me this morning reading what I wrote for proverbs today makes me take a look at the thought process of how my work ethic is. That is what proverbs does for me every morning. It gives me a visual of how my day is going to be. What things I need to take personal action to. I don’t want to be considered lazy by GOD let alone my other co workers. So that paints the picture today that I need to go the extra mile. Double check the cigarettes to make sure they are stocked, pull down each one if that’s what it takes to make sure it’s right.

Clean more, organize. Most importantly there is no time for day dreaming. So… if these Proverbs can help you change your thinking or give you a different perspective of your thinking in this arena. Great! That Rocks.

Every morning it’s good to do just this. It retrains your thinking to be one minded with GOD because it changes your character to be like his. That is what Proverbs has done for me for the last Five Years.

Have a great day today.

Much love my friends always.♥️❤️♥️🙏❤️

Melissa Giles

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