You cannot serve Money and GOD at the same time.

You know I’ve never been a big fan of money. Through my life I have made enough money to survive and a little bit more here and there depending on how much I worked.

I started working at 16. As soon as I could get a job I was there. I tried to get one at 15 but they wouldn’t hire me because of my age. So I had to go back at 16 in which I did. Stayed with them for 4 years.

As the years go on better jobs came about. More money, then of course life happens and have to start all over. Not having any kind of schooling really. Not certified in anything with a Certificate.

I’ve had certificates over the years depending on what was required for the Job. Anything I’ve done in that respect I’ve passed. The one I loved the most was working at a Nuclear plant in which I learned a lot. You can’t just go back to a nuclear plant and get hired. I resigned from that job to be a at home mom.

Reading Proverbs this morning is really all about money. Tho I’d love to pick apart each one and write about it. However I truly not able. I’ve always have had very little and was ok with that. I made enough to take care of my kids and myself plus my past relationships. If I needed more money well.., I worked more hours. I remember I got my first ever $1000 paycheck. That was in 2 weeks. I seemed to have worked all day and half the night. Just do it it all over again the next day and night and the next day and night for 2 weeks.

Which produced the check of $1000. Funny how that works. My goal while doing this was to prove to my kids dad that you can work your butt off and have better things without selling drugs or doing things that were Illegal to make money. At this time he was in prison. In less than 6 months. I had us moved from a 545 square foot apartment to a 4 bedroom house furnished by the time he got out. And many of us know how that turned out.

With the words of Proverbs today leaves my silent. I have no thoughts other than what just fake to mind after reading it.

Much Love My Friends 💜💜

Melissa Giles

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