The Mind

The mind is a tool. It’s a mechanism that controls every aspect of your life and body.

The body would not work without the mind. There is a part of the stomach that sends a message to the brain to tell the arm or the leg or whatever it is. It sends a price of paper up to your brain telling it what to do. That’s how my science teacher explained it in 8th grade.

So when a certain part of your brain isn’t working then that part of your body won’t work.

With that said it’s the same thing with our thoughts and energies that we pick up one with the way we are raised. Stuff passed down from generation to generation and obviously down to you.

So…. later in life when you want something different in your life. Something better than what you had before there are certain things you have to do. One of them is you have to change the way you think.

How do you do that? Well it isn’t easy. This involves changing a lot. You have to know that whatever is going on in your life is coming from GOD. Then you have to be thankful for it. Then you have to learn how to pray about it. Let him lead you to parts of the Bible in which will show you what needs to take place.

Then you have to ask him to show you your character defects. You may ask what does this have to do with your brain. My extraordinary friends everything.


Because he has your mind at this point. How? Because he has made so many things that have happened to you make you want something different, right! It’s like your done being done. Your sick and tired of being sick and tired. So the only thing you can do is look up right!

That’s exactly what he made you do. This is where people fail. It gets hard. The reality of being shown a character defect is hard so you quit reading you quit going to church you stop everything that your being taught because it’s to hard.

It is hard. I remember when I first started on this Spiritual Journey and I say I in which that’s a lie it was GID that started this. Nonetheless I was blaming everyone for my own bs. As he started pointing out my behaviors through reading I started feeling like an ass. Excuse my language however that’s the truth.

It wasn’t just that, that he was pointing out. He was pointing out being jealous, my language, the way I talked down to the way I walked and carried myself. I think my language was the hard one to take in. I was a sailor omg. Not so much in public however you know how we minimize things. Being taught how degrading it is to my Brain per the Bible I started to think about it more. Like maybe this is the first thing I need work on. So I did.

As time went on the language got easier. Down to very little to no cussing at all a few years later. Yes I said a few years. When you do something for a long time it becomes your way of living that’s why it takes so long to break a habit. It’s the same thing you have to let go and the only way to do that is changing the way you think about that certain behavior. Make sense?

So then he started working with me on other things. The next one was teaching me to hear his voice. At this time I was not hearing voices. None!

How did he teach me to hear his voice. Well he started talking to me through people. I would not do or would not follow through with something that someone was trying to teaching me. He had everything ready and I would get frustrated and quit.

When I did that I would go somewhere most of the time to the liquor store and there would be some kind of conversation going on with the customer before me and the clerk. It would have everything to do with what I was doing or not doing with whatever I quit on, it happened all the time.

So one he was teaching me that he was there and everything that was going on was coming from hi. Two he was teaching me a character defect that I needed to work on and three to trust him, and forth he was teaching me how he can control peoples mind.

I think at one point I caught a lot of criticism for saying this. And that’s okay. Whatever is true for you is true for you. I only say what I know to be true for me in my life and what I’ve been taught.

Now these are just a few ways that he has shown me about the mind. It goes on and on through the years to take a look at jealousy, envy, hatred fighting, judging, being opinionated . And so much more.

He made me a fool to make me wise and yet still am a fool in so many ways. It’s super difficult to stay on track because of the energy that surrounds me. Now this part isn’t as bad as it used to be. It used to be super bad. I grateful that it isn’t so much anymore.

The bottom line of this blog is that when you stay in the same mindset that you have been in for years it’s hard to change. Just know that when that thought comes to mind that you want something more for your life. That thought comes from GOD. That’s when it is time to pay close attention to what people say to you. What’s brought forth to you via T.V, articles, a encouraging message on Facebook. When you hear or read something that goes straight to your heart and you start thinking about it more. It comes from GOD to get your attention. Listen!

After GOD changed my mind to be one minded with him meaning i was no longer helots, I was no longer angry I had peace and joy. Happy all the time. Nothing that was going on in my life way a big deal. It was just alright well that is what it is and I know that GOFs got my back and that’s that, with so much joy in my heart I can’t explain it.

I thought that other blessings where going to come. I stopped doing a lot of things that I was doing however I didn’t stop long enough for those blessings to take place. See you guys we quit to soon. Then go back to the same pattern of thinking depending how far along you go with GOD.

Then it’s twice as hard to come out if later when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

My Extraordinary Friends I love you and GOD loves you. Don’t quit when your almost there.

Let him renew your mind. He will. With that you’ll be one in him and he in you. He will lead you, protect you in all things, love you unconditionally and be everything you need until he’s finished with you. Meaning you get the blessing that started you on your Spiritual Journey.

Please let me know if you got anything from this blog or any other blog. I appreciate you all so much! Much love always!

Melissa Giles

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