Do you boast about GOD?

Speak: “Thus declares the Lord, “The dead bodies of men shall fall like dung upon the open field like sheaves after the reaper and none shall gather them.” Jeremiah 9:22

Thus says the Lord:let not the wise man boast in his wisdom, let not the mighty man boast in his might, let not the rich man boast in his riches, but him boast boasts in this, that he understands and knows me, that I am the Lord who practices steadfast love, justice, and righteousness in the earth. For these things I delight, Declares the Lord. Jeremiah 9:23-24

I am not to sure why this passage came up. I know that in the passage it talks about bragging about what you have and not giving credit to GOD for those things. I have always struggled with not being materialistic. When I say struggle it’s hard to start new. All over again if you will.

I have picked up and moved leaving everything several times. Without a thought of keeping anything other that valuable things such as pictures and writings. Those are what mean the most. I always knew that no matter what GOD has my back and will provide everything as he always has. That’s what he delights in boasting and having the faith in him that he will provide.

That’s what he would call Wisdom because all in all it’s his way of thinking and not mine. So boasting to someone about what you gave or how much money you have is not delightful to GOD because he gave it to you. So if you want to boast about anything that you have it would be boasting GODS love for you and being blessed entirely.

I guess if your boasting about anything that is yours if you want better praise him for what you have because really it belongs to him.

GOD is not materialistic he is not a lover for those who love money. Only boast about him and the wisdom that you have gained by being rich. There’s two different ways of being rich. of course

2. Most important it’s your heart.

Who you are with that money, the intention of the heart because GOD knows.

Thus says the Lord: learn not the way of the nations nor be dismayed at the signs of the heavens because the nation is dismayed at them., for the customs of the people’s are vanity. A tree from the forest is cut down and worked with an ax by the hands of a craftsman. Jeremiah 10:2-3

I love that scripture because really it’s all vanity. Meaning it’s meaningless to have anything because GOD gave it to you. You can’t take anything that you have to Heaven. It all stays down here. And depending how you live your life is depending where your stuff will be handed too.

You don’t have anyone in your life and you died tomorrow. What would happen? Does it matter what would happen? No, why because it’s all about faith and love in which is why it’s all so meaningless.

There’s scripture in Ecclesiastes that’s talks about the ax.

I suppose the message of this blog would be about truly loving one another and boasting about GOD instead of material things and fir sure money.

There’s no amount of money that can buy anyone’s love. If you truly love somebody with all your heart money should not be included in Love.

Love equals GOD. It’s truly unconditional.

Much Love My Friends.

Melissa Giles

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