Day 2

Yesterday was a good day. No drinking personal time it’s GOD to write the contents of my book. Last night was hard. However feel like I accomplished it. I didn’t go drink.

Today I am grateful for having the chance to write the table if contents. I think about my book a lot. Sometimes…. the book and Spiritual Warfare consume my mind. Where because I can’t do it I constantly think about how? How am I really going to do this.

So yesterday is was a great accomplishment to be able to write the table of contents. It may need some work however that’s ok. When it goes to the publisher then things can be adjusted.

The goal is to write one chapter a day. And ultimately it is about Spiritual Warfare. How did it cone about and what lead to the end to an old life beginning a new.

There are things in ones life that will keep a person stuck, for me it’s drinking. Knowing and realize zing the full effect of the brain and what it does I mean think about it. If we know these things why do it right? Well that’s the Spiritual Warfare part of this life. And if you are chosen it’s even harder.

I believe the reason why people here don’t like me is because of my connection with GOD and still have a problem.

Well, I’ll tell you too can have that relationship with him just like the one I have. How? You don’t worry and there are things that you need to change. Again the relationship is based on faith. Tho some of you say without works faith is dead and yes that’s true. However there are different perceptions of that verse. If you had the faith that I have then you would know that keeping the same mind of GOD is difficult.

Not gossiping, loving one another all the time, not judging a person, anger, jealousy whatever the behavior that you are showing. I don’t know what it is. So things are hard not todo because we live in a world that does nothing but that.

With that said that’s the faith that I work on daily. The drinking as stopped and will stop. However I am a human being. I will struggle just like every other Alcoholic.

Have a great day. Put good energy out there and just try to notice a behavior that you may be displaying that is keeping you stuck in your marriage or a lot of drama at work or problems with your kids… whatever it is think what it is that your doing. I will pray that those character defects will come to your attention this day.

Listen and pay attention GOD will show you.

I ask that you pray for me as I get off of work at 5 that the spiritual realm doesn’t say to me you can just have one beer because I can’t.

Stay blessed. Always much love.

Melissa Giles

2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Melissa, After reading your story I feel you have spoken what many of us find hard to acknowledge, we all are having issues, whether they are big or small, fighting with temptation is a daily thing. I was reading my Bible today and came across a verse and it said “don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know what God wants you to do, and you will know how good and pleasing and perfect things will really is.” Romans 12:2. Keep telling your story people will listen and know they are not alone. Thank you for your encouraging words and keep your light shining so all can see.


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