What is keeping you stuck?

The only thing that can keep you stuck is you. It is you that is being a slave to your thoughts. So how is it that you change that?

There are simple ways you can change this. However the number one solution is showing up. Showing clear minded so that you are able to pay attention to what is being said.

You must go with your gut feeling which is community sting with your heart than your heart is communicating with your brain and that’s when you know you must take action.

What do I mean by taking action. It’s taking action of your thoughts. What are thinking or saying to yourself.

In which makes you not want to take action. My friends it’s hard to take control of those thoughts. It’s was we are programmed to do or say to ourself.

How do you get rid the thoughts of being stuck?

1. Meditation daily to calm your brain. There is nothing more powerful than to lay down and just be still. To feel your whole body just relax. This is important to calmness of mind. It ultimately brings you peace of mind so you can learn how to control your thoughts.

2. Through the day when your thoughts seem to be taking over the action you want to to do however you feel you can’t. Pray. GOD please calm my mind. Father please lead and direct my thoughts to be of you and only you. In Jesus name amen. You may not feel a change right away and you may. It depends on your relationship that you have in something higher than self. Take the time to recognize what you are feeling after prayer. You have to truly want this in your heart.

3. Show up anyways. No matter what your thought are take action anyway. Rather it be a short blog, a 10 second video, or a couple of post on Facebook or whatever social media platform you are using. Just do it.

4. Learn to listen to your heart. Over time you will know that your heart is telling you something more than what your brain is saying and just go for it. Trust your heart because it is your higher power leading you.

With all this said it isn’t the company your joining that is the problem. Join one company and stay with them. When you jump from company to company it’s like promoting to everyone. For every company you join will have some kind of different audience.

Be strong know that your bigger than your thought. Your worth what you are trying to achieve. Remember the success of overcoming your thoughts ya way better than the money you can make.

Much love my friends.

Melissa Giles

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