The blessing is coming if you just change your attitude.

There is power in change. However changing your attitude can be a bit difficult. Number one you have to want it. You have to say enough is enough and want the change. I truly believe that when you start or led to something that you can’t do or something completely different than what you are normally doing. That’s when people start coming into your life that you didn’t even know exists.

It’s like where in the world did these people come from? What?!? they don’t judge, they are constantly there for you. Even when you think they aren’t they are.

It’s like GOD is with you all the time in which he truly is. However, these people they talk truth just like GOD, they encourage just like GOD. They love unconditionally just like GOD.

See in our life time which could be so short. Right, I mean we don’t know when that time will come. Right. So when we are led to something better than what we are are doing. Then my friends that’s when we want to embrace the change of Attitude. We want to know they got what we now want right?

The dream that they are telling in which is there life. How did they get that stuff. Cars, houses, an abundance of money. Living a life of not only freedom however freedom on the inside in which is the most important to their success.

Think about it, they didn’t get to live their dreams because they were swearing, putting others down instead of lifting them up. They weren’t in the mindset that we know to have.

This is why we don’t understand how. It just isn’t sitting in why your not succeeding.You don’t get it.

You always hear the story first of whoever is talking right. It’s their own testimony to tell you how they got to where they are now. They say I was a broke magician, I lived in the Bronx, I was homeless and living in my van.

The point being is they had to work just has hard as you are going to have to work to change your thinking to be like theirs.

How do you do that? Here are some ways that you can do that. I really don’t know how many are going to come out I’m just going to write.

First let me tell you a little bit about GOD and churches. If you go to church or listen to Church they are always encouraging right. They say the names in the Bible and their stories right? Well those are great to hear now you know how much Love GOD has for you and me right? That’s awesome. They say your blessing is coming. Look what happened to JOB, or David and so forth and so on.

Well how do you think those people got there blessings. They got them from change. Change in their thinking. They didn’t get anything for free, and quite honestly most of them found their purpose.

Just a little bit about me I’m not a minister, Priest or pastor. The words that are flowing right now is from GOD and what he taught me these things through my Spiritual Journey. Which has been 5 years 5 months and 14 days today.

So in the above chapter when I said most it’s because I only know about a few people in the Bible. I have not read the Bible cover to cover. Now that we got that out of the way I’m going to break down what I do know.

Job got victory by all the years he had faith, he was led to change is attitude to later be abundant and successful in life. He went and saw things that most people don’t see in their lifetime, yet what did he do he thanked GOD for all that happened to him. He kept a good positive attitude. And later is fully blessed to the amount that only 1% of the population ever can imagine. And he found his purpose by changing his attitude.

Kind David who wrote a couple book, poor King David he was so confused about life that he searched for the real meaning and ended up being the wisest man in the world.

So how did they do this? Just like the leaders in what your doing they changed their thinking. They ultimately found their purpose. That’s why they are so blessed. So it’s great when your pastor or church is telling you about GODS love. That way now you can lean on GOD or the Universe or whatever it is for you so that you may learn to change your attitude. Most people don’t want to take responsibility for their actions, when you have to start looking at yourself it’s hard to change the things that are pointed out to you. You constantly want to live in the past. Or live in blaming and guilt and all the other negative human emotions that you are taught.

With this said there is nothing wrong with you because you don’t know any different. However you want it. Your heart is calling you in another direction and you know that that direction is your destiny and the reward from GOD of honoring that blessing you are so craving.

Ways you can start changing your attitude.

One. You must start a gratitude list. You must write them down everyday. A heart of Gratitude changes your attitude. A pure heart that wants change is grateful for everything they have. If you feel like you don’t have anything….. well think again your breathing. Trust me for some being grateful will be hard.

Remember the heart that really wants change you will go that extra mile to change. So if you have to live second to second thinking about why your grateful than fine do it. I promise that second will eventually turn into minutes and then to days. As you grow so does your attitude. Life doesn’t seem so bad after all. Your smiling. Just sit as you read this your smiling.

Just a quick story I went so long without smiling we are talking years without smiling. Just plain miserable. I didn’t know how to be happy. So when I started to smile more I had to relearn how to smile. I didn’t smile for so long that I had forgotten how to do it, so when I started doing it, it was uncomfortable. It felt great however it was uncomfortable. That’s change. That’s the feeling your craving.

Secondly, recognize the beauty of the outdoors. Go and look at a tree and see it, see all the rain it got, the animals that climbed on it. Really pay attention to the roots and how far they go down In the ground. How the bark looks. You will ask yourself what does each line mean on this tree? Just like you the tree has so many stories. See the beauty of the sky. The forms of the clouds, the sunsets and the sunrise. There is beauty outside your own thinking. Feeding your brain with the beauty of the outdoors is important to changing your way of thinking.

Thirdly, you are the most beautiful person on this planet. You are more powerful than anyone you know. You are worth everything that you want in this lifetime. You are amazing and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Feel it! Know it! You are worth the change.

You have to do it. No one accept GOD or the Universe can do it for you. They will put people in your life to help you on this earth. The Spiritual Realm will do his part as you grown.

The key is never ever give up. Don’t ever ever give up. No matter how hard things get. I promise you that they will get hard. However if you keep going and change! You have to want the change. I can’t say that enough. The power that is in you is in the universe, and he will help you change. So that you may have freedom of self to have great success. You can have everything you are craving. Just be still and listen and then take action.

With this said I love you, I love the world, know that GOD loves you even more. You can do it.

Much love as always,

Melissa Giles

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