A story about fasting

I remember at the beginning of the Lord showing me how to trust him. I was fairly new to the homeless life. This was in 2015. I guess it was half way into being homeless because at this point I woke up on the sidewalk for the last time in 7 weeks.

Anyways my friend and I were walking and we were talking and I heard Melissa I want you to fast. As he had been so good to me during this time I was homeless I said ok.

For anyone who doesn’t know the homeless life. It’s a bit rough. On the weekends was the best because people came around and fed you real hot food on Saturdays. Like all day long. Never missed a Saturday.

So obviously this was a Friday. I was doing real good. I stopped drinking all together and got involved at Jesus saves with Volunteering. Morning noon and night I was cleaning and serving. Then I had a thought shoot what am I going to do out here with no job money and limited good food. I already knew the people on the street however I didn’t know the people on the inside. The result was the volunteering. It worked great.

So on that Friday that I heard GOD tell me I want you to fast I was ok with that not realizing that the next day was Saturday til the end of the day. So later that night I remember the next day was Saturday. I called my friend and said Jimmy I told the Lord that I would fast and tomorrow Is Saturday. He said to me you can’t go back on your word. I said your right. Uggggg! No good good for me.

My friends the following day being Saturday my community and I were sitting were we always sat. From Morning til 4 pm. Nothing like I saw before in the months I had been out there. Was out there in total 3 days short of a year.

Anyways, the people (that’s what we called them) came around with fresh baked cookies, candy so much hot food I can’t tell you and you know what else. Fresh banana bread and cups of milk. I was like you have to be kidding me. So being the only one in my community who wasn’t drinking I was the only one fasting.

Oh the temptation. I wanted so bad to eat all those fresh things that were coming around not just the fresh food it was hot. I stuck with it. I didn’t eat not one thing. The things I could out into a paper lunch bag I did and saved it for the following day. Th moral of that story was I trusted him again. He was showing me how much control he has over people.

Don’t think for one minute he doesn’t because this isn’t the only testimony that I have of him doing this to me. Other ways did he teach.

However this time he was also testing me. He had all of those people come with all that good stuff just to see if I would be faithful to him.

That’s the way he works and YES SUCCESS! I did it.

If you are struggling with something fast show your faithfulness and love for him. And see what happens.

For me he brought the right people in my life to get me off the street. Another Success because that life is hard.

Happy Father days GOD. I love you with all my heart and Soul, and I thank you for this time in my life.

Much love my friends as always. 💜💜💜💜😇

Melissa Giles

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