Do you have my attention?

Back in 2913, my life was a disaster. Not only was my life however my little Linda who was my second daughter was going through a lot to because of her mom being a drunk.

Actually I take that back because I was not always drunk. Drinking a lot none the less. I was in an abusive relationship and yeah it was really bad for both of us. GOD was there the whole time accept I wasn’t. However thank GOD he was.

It was at the end of the relationship with this guy that I actually New for 20 years. The reason we met again was so I could show him how to love again. And for me GOD was telling me that there are men out that had things and you are worthy. None the less it didn’t work out and that’s fine because life got harder and at the same time so much better.

I ended up giving my car to a lady I New that needed it, taking Linda and the bare necessities and went on the road with some people that my friend knew. Now not the brightest idea however again worse got better.

We went on the road and ended up in another part of the state. And yes I was drinking the whole time. Getting more than half way across the state I had to call my dad. There was no ands or buts about it. I could not go any further with Linda let alone in another state. So dad was 7 hours away. We waited for him.

I could not wait to see him. More so I could not wait to give Linda to him temporary til I could get my stuff right. Drinking, my thought of killing my self a house a job I mean everything just went down the tub every quickly.

To make a long story short dad was not happy to see me like I was him. He took me to the hospital and took Linda to his house. That was 5/26/2015.

He put me in a a facility that you could not have razors the doors were locked no belt and yeah. No! You know when I was in my addiction I was always right.

So as soon as he left I checked my self out. They provided a cab fir me to go to where I wanted to go. I thought that my kids GODs parents would let me in. Got there and nope burned that bridge. At that point I had nowhere to go. I walked up this very lonely street.

What am I going to do. No phone and on my own. All I had with me was some clothes, a book called Jesus eyes a little bit of make up and a tablet. That’s it. I got to the Macdonald up the street. I asked my kids God parents to call my aunt who was meeting me up the street.

No aunt, no aunt at this point it was dark. There was a guy sitting in a truck with loud music. I got up and went and asked if he could call me aunt. He said yes and invited me to sit in the truck. I said sure. So I did and he was smoking Meth. So what do I do? Yup you guessed it why should I stay sober. He let me out of the car and when my aunt got there he gave me some and my aunt and I went and say in Macdonald’s.

She took me to a hotel where my grans got me 2 nights. Now I had an so many people reaching out to me. I too was reaching out. However it wasn’t my time. When you see an opportunity to do something and you don’t do it it’s not necessarily you. It’s GOD saying nope it’s not your time. As harsh as that sounds it’s true. I had already took one real leap of faith.

He was just teaching me more. To say the least the 2 days were up and again no place to go. Btw I ended up flushing that stuff down the toilet because the cops were banging on the neighbors door and I got real scared. Thank GOD.

My aunt and I went and got my stuff from my dad and I ended up giving everything to a lady down the way when I left the hotel. Believe me she got clothes she probably had before.

I took with me my journal, my book called fixing my eyes on Jesus and went walking. The Lord said walk as far as you can and when you feel scared remember a verse from the Bible I am with you. I though ok. So there I went walking down the longest street in Colorado in a not so good area.

To make a long story short I walked and walked and when I got scared I either pulled out the book and read it or I thought of a verse. He never left me. I ended up in the hospital for a spider bite that night. I walked up to a church and this fine couple gave me a ride and gave me $20 fir food. I was super skinny. During the stay they treated me. Then said at 2 am you gotta go. I told them I had no where to go.

Oh wait let me back up. They had me on a heart monitor and I was laying there in the bed and I felt this heaviness on my chest as I’m praying to GOD just take me. What am I going to do. That heart monitor went off and the weight on my chest was very heavy.

I hear the nurses in the front say you go check her no you go she’s homeless. They were arguing to see who was going to help with the monitor going off and the weight on my chest was getting harder. Finally someone walks in and the weight went away. They said your fine you can leave. I told them that judging was a sin. In fact I yelled it. I gathered my things and left. Now down the other longest street at 2am with no where to go.

I walked to a 7-11 bought a pack of cigs and water and went down an alley where there were these people who were homeless and took me in. They allowed me to sleep on this old dirty couch and directed me in the morning where to go. They gave me a backpack where I put my things and in the morning started walking.

The story goes on and on to where I actually ended up in the area that I drove by for years never knew what it was. I just knew I never wanted to stop at a light because I was scared.

You guys when we are going through a lot and believe me it was a lot. GOD is always there. It’s about when will you say I’ve had enough.

And I hadn’t had enough. Homelessness drinking more than I ever had before still trying to do Spiritual Warfare while being homeless sleeping on a sidewalk. I always knew I was protected because he told me. Believe me he protected me out there and it was because of FAITH.

The question became every morning what’s next GOD?

Much love my friends trust him. He’s there. 💜💜💜

Melissa Giles

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