Life is a Journey. When you meet GOD for the first time that’s when real life starts.

Knowing GOD like never before my first contact with him was in 2014 When I say first contact I can say I felt him like never before and that’s when my journey began.

Journey I mean Spiritual Journey. The Spiritual Journey is real. First leap of faith in 2013 after quitting my Job of 7 1/2 years to go for my dream. Starting my own business Spiritual Warfare well actually it’s GODs business. However he was using me and teaching me. What I didn’t know about the business is I couldn’t build a business not being the person GOD was making me to be.

With that said that’s when my Spiritual Journey began.

After not listening GOD made me homeless. He was like you want things for free and want to not be grateful for things that you have. You want to continually not listening then here you go. And he made it super hard for me. If you haven’t read the previous blog about that story I invite you to do so.

Moving forward he made me homeless. When I showed up at the Samaritan house in which was a homeless shelter I had no idea what was going to happen. All I knew is this is were GOD put me. I didn’t realize the true reason until later. All those things listed above however at first that was not in my head.

The people there almost all of them were talking to themselves. When I saw this I was shocked and I didn’t know what to think. For I too just like months before I ended up there I started doing the same thing. And again I didn’t realize what all this meant until way later.

The first day I was there I stood in line and waited for dinner. I can’t say that I was scared because I wasn’t. The long journey and things that took place helped me get over the fear of where I was by the time I got there.

I didn’t talk to anyone for like the first couple days. I got up was learning the routine and then I would leave the shelter and walk to the library. It was quite the walk. I walked everywhere. There was this girl that kept staring at me. And she looked familiar I just could not place who she was. The second day when I came back from the library and was getting in line to get a bed she was staring at me and she had shorts on. I remembered her leg. She had been in an ATV accident and it what been damaged real bad.

So when I saw that I walked over and introduced myself and talked to her. Needless to say we did know each other. It was her 3rd day out there and my 2nd day for me. We knew each other from like 5 to 7 years before. We became best friends. We never left each other. Except she really did not care for the library. Plus later on down the road she got band from there for having sex in one of the private study rooms.

So that was another sign that I was where I was suppose to be. My faith continued, and so did his teaching with changing the way I was thinking.

I could not believe how most of these people could be laughing and being happy in the situation they were in. It wasn’t pleasant. I started thinking but I truly was a miserable person when I had way more. So this situation got me thinking and displaying gratitude. The most important lesson I learned from being homeless. How could I act negatively seeing these human beings being so happy. I couldn’t.

Then Jen and I started talking and hanging out with other people. As our community as I ended up naming us grew we slept outside. Yup outside on the sidewalk. The only thing bad about this situation and hanging out with them is I drank a lot. I never drank hard alcohol before I didn’t like it and then I started drinking a lot of alcohol. Hard liquor. So then it was back to drinking all the time even in the morning. I think I can say that was when I was a true alcoholic.

GOD made me that way. He did so that I would learn his power. When I woke up on the sidewalk I think 6 months in that’s when I said I had enough. I remember sitting up one morning and said that’s it if I don’t stop I’m going to end up stuck out here. And I quit.

During this time I was still attending morning meetings with the Marketing company I was with. They were my biggest supporters while being homeless. Even tho they weren’t present there was a reason for that. And for whatever reason I accepted that. At one point there was someone who rented an apartment in the high rise. I would get up every morning at 3 am and I’d see the same car go by. Then at 6:30am or maybe a little bit before the light in this high rise would be on and this paper stick with a face would wave at me.

Yeah it was weird however….. I just knew someone was there. I knew that someone cared about me. And I knew some day we would meet and be together. That’s a whole movie and a book.

These were signs from GOD to keep being positive, keep getting closer to him and if I wanted to truly leave there then I needed to stop drinking. And at that point I had.

Our community was average size. We all would say we lived in the biggest mansion on the block. The sun always shined on us. At times we were the only one that got sun.

That was GOD.

My story of being homeless is long. For right now I would like you as the reader think about what’s going on in your life. The chaos the arguing cussing fighting all of those things and really think about the the thoughts GOD is putting in your head about change. If you hear a voice it’s GOD.

Keep your faith even if you don’t listen yes there however things gets 100% better when you do listen. Believe me I’m living proof. The story will continue.

Keep your faith.

Much love as always My Friends.

Melissa Giles

2 thoughts on “Life is a Journey. When you meet GOD for the first time that’s when real life starts.

  1. Very nice. I actually stopped going to church, because in sunday school one day they were discussing talking to.and hearing God. I found tbis odd, that none of them had ever heard God. I kind of spoke up, saying I talk and hear God all tbe time. They did not understand this. At the time I was still in a wandering journey. I have known Gid since I was a child. But the world I had other plans. But I always read my bible, have read it several times, and always pray before I go searching for answers. God has always directed me where to search. Several Pastors and Deacons have said my knowledge of scripture was a uncanny gift. So when they saud it was not God I was speaking to I took offence kind of. I told them it’s awesome hearing God. And I believed that those who do not hear God either don’t want to, are afraid, or ashamed. And that God wants our friendship just lime you were sitting across tbe table from Him. Its that easy, or it was for me. Not sure, but thank tou for your time. Pastor Scott Ambrose.


    1. Amazing testimony. However, we are all on different journeys you know. So just because they haven’t heard GOD does not mean anything other than it isn’t it wasn’t that time. I love your input and thank you for commenting on my blog. I appreciate you. I ask that we pray for those that don’t hear GOD for they really need to. Pray to maybe soften their hearts or whatever it is that GOD tells you to do. Thanks again. God bless you.


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