Analyizing people

Should you really analyze a person. Isn’t that we are humans that think one way in which we are trained to think.

“TRAINED” Doesn’t that feel like your being potty trained or something, just as of Life. Ummm make you and me wonder.

Think about that thought for one second……..

okay maybe we should go 2 or 3 minutes.

Analyzing a person is only good of it is in the sight of GOD. During ur when your thoughts have come to he like of him he almost makes us want to analyze without judgement of now the person we are analyzing.

Now thinking about the “TRAINED” part! You must think about the mindset! The mindset of conscious and subconscious. That the conscious mind is definitely built and “trained” by the time your six. I personally like the word built verses trained. I mean you are not an animal however an animal in your thinking in which it would mean that you were trained. Well…. when it’s put that way. It’s worldly in which that would mean that you are in worldly standards in which you are trained. With such a harsh word yet such a harsh world you and I both live in.

The question is that we must change our way of thinking to be of spiritual and less trained.

You may be asking the question Melissa don’t you have to be TRAINED to be in of Spiritual thinking? And the answer is NO. You don’t. You learn to transform your mindset into be of one with GOD because you are learning not to be of the world yet to be of the Spirit.

When thinking of the mindset of GOD it’s thought not learn. It’s becoming of one not more than or less then. It’s of one.

To be of one it’s to be of one! It’s embracing the thought that nothing else exists in the world of worldly thinking. The judgement, guilt, Shane all of the emotions fade away because you have learned to be of one with him and of him. With that said who can you actually judge when you are analyzing another person? In all honesty you can’t. For you can only judge yourself and put yourself in their shoes asking yourself while analyzing this person if you have been there before.

This gains a high vibration from the creator of all things to know that yeah it’s ok to analyze however not ok to judge. When you become the one with him he is the only one whom can analyze and pass judgement on a spiritual level and will lead you to be the analyzer in one with him in the spiritual realm of thinking.

If you find yourself in another setting where you are the analyzer and passing judgement you are merely not in one with him and living in the worldly thinking of the world.

You are made to be in the image of him so the next time you are analyzing, first ask yourself have I been there and how may I help.

God bless you all, much love always Melissa Giles

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