Holy Spirit

Pursue Love and earnestly desire those Spiritual Gifts, especially that you may prophesy. 1 Corinthians 14:1

We are all made to have Spiritual gifts. The Bible talks a lot about Spiritual Gifts in 1 Corinthians. I didn’t know anything about my spiritual gifts for a very long time. Or that they even existed.

This song Holy Spirit brought one of them to my attention one morning. In 2014, I was sitting on my couch, just taken my daughter to school. I was doing my morning routine, reading my Bible. I hadn’t watched T.V. In I don’t know how long. At this time it probably had been a couple years.

Being led into being an Entrepreneur one of the biggest thing they talk about is mindset. I was determined to do whatever they said because I could understand everything they talked about. In fact it flowed right a long with my thinking of ‘ What do I want to be when I grow up” when I was a kid. So T.V. Wasn’t an option anymore. No negativity or as little as possible.

That morning I decided to turn on the TV now GOD at this time as taught me a little about how he controls the mind. Or how he can use people to talk through them to you.

The news was on. Katie Courtic and Matt on The today show was just ending the show. Katie says make this day a good productive day, Matt says don’t just sit around Everyone have a great day. Well the way GOD had been teaching me I knew that was for me.

When you start building a relationship with GOD through Jesus I promise you, you know! 😇

So all of a sudden I hear this loud deep voice. GET UP! I thought Omgosh I was scared for a minute. So I jumped off that couch and ran to the bathroom to take a shower. I turned on KLOVE and this song came on.


As I am in the shower rinsing my hair I felt something grab my arms put my hands behind my back and sip my head under the water. I stayed there for a few minutes. I was trying to lift up and I couldn’t. Then I was released after the song ended. When I opened my eyes I quickly pulled back the curtain to look around. That was my first encounter I thought someone was in the shower with me I was scared. When I looked around no one was there. Just the radio and steam in the bathroom.

At that point I wasn’t scared anymore I quickly got out of the shower and started to get dressed. I had a towel on my head when again walking out of the bathroom I was stopped. I felt like this messaging feeling on my stomach and the top of my head. I knew I was close to the angels I just didn’t know that close. So I couldn’t move. I just stayed their til they were done.

I walked over to put on a shirt and Now I know it was Jesus back then I didn’t know or maybe I didn’t believe he would be standing in my room. He stopped me, he made me bow to him 3 times. Then let me go.

Now being an entrepreneur I wanted to jump online of course play the song Holy Spirit and show everyone on YOUTUBE what had happened. I mean who the heck wouldn’t want to show that and tell everyone what had happened. Well people thought I was crazy. I got a lot of Melissa what are you doing. I would say and I just felt their vibe. They didn’t know or believe me about the Holy Spirit or Jesus.

See, I didn’t straighten up my act. I did in some ways however I just couldn’t stop drinking. I was in a really bad relationship and the story can go on and on. This is a story about Jesus his power and most his love.

This has been my go to song when I meditate because every time I know he is here with me. I know that GOD is in the room or in my mind or around me. If I feel anxiety or being attacked mindfully at work in my body if it gets to be to much Ouse this song for everything!

The Holy Spirit is real along with Jesus and GOD. His mission was to teach me his love and to know that I am not alone. Also to let me know that my journey really was just beginning. He was teaching me how to change my thinking, how to have faith and trust in him and to show me his power within our thinking and in your thinking. He is in control no matter if you want to listen or not.

This isn’t the first Spiritual Awakening that I have ever had. I think that everyone has spiritual awakenings everyday we just don’t see them. Not only do we not see them however to often they are forgotten so it leads to forgetting about GOD.

At first GOD was just rebuilding me. He was building me to be formed in my thinking to be the image of Jesus.

Now over time I have been made in the image of Christ, and in my thinking. For me it’s important to listen and meditate with this song because feeling the presence calms my spirit no matter what. He brings me into his light and loving arms where I can pray ask for forgiveness of my sins and know that everything is going to be just fine. Sometimes my mind will be going 100 miles and hour just telling him everything. He says SUSH! Just stop. Be quiet and sit in my presence.

My friends call on the Holy Spirit at any time. I’m no body special. We all have gifts it’s just a matter of how far will you let GOD take you without giving up. The journey isn’t made to be easy.

You have to want it as bad as he wants you to have it. If you have a thought about something spiritual it comes from him, if you have a thought that something your doing needs to change it comes from him, if you ever doubt his love or plan for you turn on this song a sit quietly in his presence.

Don’t ever give up on GOD, especially when times get rough. Have faith that whatever gift he’s showing you have it’s a gift to help others, it’s a gift to get you to where he wants you to be, it’s a gift that if you dint give up it will lead you to purpose and destiny.

Always much Love.❤️ 😇

Melissa Giles

PS. The gift that I have and has been shown to me that most relevant is the Gift to teach the world the mystery. In which is Faith.

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