Spiritual Awakening

Where it all began. My first encounter with GOD himself was awesome. Before this particular situation he was showing himself however not him. What I mean not him I mean not him face to face.

Have you ever met GOD face to face? I can hear muffle if he is spirit for he really doesn’t have a face. Well that’s not necessarily true. He came down from the heavens as Jesus. So therefore he does have a face.

During transformation when I would close my eyes and ask for him to show me his face, it was Jesus. Now he’s only done that twice. I’ve asked for a dozen or more times.

This particular time I did the 12 steps. Now if you aren’t familiar with the 12 steps it is made for Alcoholism, and drug addicts. Tho I think everyone should do the 12 steps. I think it’s a great way to start building a relationship with GOD.

During the 12 steps I did what was asked of me. That was to write letters to people who have hurt me, and whom I have hurt, a letter to myself and a letter to GOD. Those were the 3 things I was asked to do. So that’s what I did. There are other parts to the 12 steps that are important however these three letters were the most important because it’s all about acceptance and forgiveness.

Accepting the things you cannot change and gaining the wisdom and knowledge of forgiveness. Forgiveness not only of others however taking responsibility and forgiving yourself. In anything in this life, there comes a time when taking responsibility for your own thinking or doing becomes very real. If your going through a difficulty with another person, everyone plays a role in that situation. What I learned in doing this is not to always point fingers however to honestly look at my part in a situation because when it comes to forgiveness there is always 2 or more people involved.

A close friend of mine was my sponsor in AA. She didn’t go to AA nor was she an alcoholic however we had one thing in common. We both lost a child. She did the 12 steps and knew they would help me. The only difference was I was an alcoholic.

Going up to her place and talking to her about a few other steps she sent me home with the assignments in which I already told you. And I did them I wrote them drinking. I really had to go down deep. I mean how can I ask for forgiveness to people whom have already passed, grew angel wings. How can I ask forgiveness of GOD when I dint feel Luke I deserve it. How can I ask for forgiveness when I don’t forgive myself.

Well writing these letters Jesus was there. I didn’t know at the time he was there however I do now. In writing the letters at the end of each one it said you are forgiven. I of course don’t have the letters anymore however sure I wrote about this in my journal. This happened in 2014.

I went back up to my friends house and we sat and talked awhile and then I started to read her the letters. One by one I read them and she sat very still with her eyes clothes. I will never forget in fact can picture her right now just sitting there.

After I got done reading the letters she opened her eyes and said let’s pray. She grabbed my hands as she was sitting across the table from me. She started praying Father Melissa has come before you and has read her letters of forgiveness to you herself and to others. She continues to pray please father accept these precious words for they came from her heart. Father I ask that you protect Melissa because she is your child….. she starts breathing hard. I thought she was done so I tried to pull away and lift my head and was unable to. She says GOD is sending his angels. She’s breathing harder. I said what….

As I tried to lift my head and pull away again I couldn’t, she says again GOD is sending his angels. All if a sudden I feel this overwhelming tightness from my head to my toes. Just being squeezed ever so tightly. I’ll never forget it the feeling. Then it went away. Alice she stopped praying. I felt so much lighter. Like I just lost 60 lbs of weight and was floating on a cloud.

I was so happy. I couldn’t stop smiling. It was like the angels were holding my cheeks and wouldn’t allow me or to smile. I hadn’t smiled in so long I literally had to retrain myself and my face to smile. I give all credit to the angels because truly it was them. I said bye to Alice and ran down to the chapel. (She has a chapel on her property).

I ran down there a fell to my knees with my letters and prayed. However I was so grateful that I experienced his power and love through forgiveness. Now it was time to start loving more.

I took the letters and ripped them up as instructed and put them in the GOD bottle. It’s done! Just like Jesus on the cross said it’s done father.

That’s what it was…. was done.

Much love my friends.

Melissa Giles

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