April Fools Day

Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and one who understands obtain guidance, to understand a proverb and saying, the words of the wise and their riddles Proverbs 1:56

Doesn’t life seem like a riddle sometimes. Indeed it really is. Proverbs was written by Solomon. Now I don’t know much about this guy however he was a fool making the people who thought they were wise realize they were fools.

In the meantime if helping others GOD was making him wise. I don’t anything about him other than he became one of the wisest men on the earth. He is also the writer of Ecclesiastes. That’s a whole other blog.

Here in Proverbs one he is talking about instructions understanding, knowledge and the fear of the Lord.

He address being good to your mother and father he talks about the reason one should listen to the riddles about unjust gain in life. How you and I both have ambushed our lives. That when we dispose the council of the Lord how can you expect him to do for you what you don’t do for him.

I remember when my Journey first started out with Proverbs. This book was my worst enemy and in the end my best friend.


It pointed out all my character defects as well as my strengths which at the beginning of learning I was a definite fool.

I didn’t like my parents I had one two or probably a billion addictions. I fought like crazy the devil was definitely controlling my tongue. My thought were everything but pretty. I was a miserable person.

I heard time and time again over these last 5 years 5 months as of today read a Chapter in Proverbs a day. Well stubborn me I tend to want to always do things my way. Can never take advice from anyone in person let alone GOD. I mean com on I thought I knew it all.

Not to mention all the walls I had built around me and my heart because of all the hurt I caused myself, and to others. I was truly I walking time bomb for years.

With that being said GOD took me by the hand and said Melissa go here and go there in the Bible not always Proverbs. However a lot of them.

On my journey of Proverbs is this wonderful life of how we think.

Are you struggling with addictions, anger, jealousy, arrogance, really any kind of behavior that is obtained by everyone in this world.

I encourage you to one pray and ask GOD to show you your character defects every morning. Spend time with GOD. He will show you. He will teach you.

Be open minded to what he’s telling you. I promise over time your thinking changes, it gets better because you get better and better

He said; I gave you eyes to see and ears to hear.

Fear of the Lord is of great understanding knowledge and true wisdom.

Stay blessed my friends!

Melissa Giles

Why is everything so meaningless says the preacher?

What does a man gain by all his tools under the sun? Ecclesiastes 1:3

I remember when i had all the emotions and behavior of the average man. Conceit, hate, arrogant, jealousy, totally indulged in self. For the longest time I felt like it was normal and for me it was. That’s what I was raised around. My dad was a lover of money and control. Oh yeah me too. If I did not feel like I was in control everyone else was wrong.

My point is that it’s ok to have these feelings and behaviors. When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired that’s when you want to change. That’s when a part of your mind says your done acting like this. Your done acting like a fool. Then I had to ask myself are you really done. And for the last 8 years I wasn’t. I still displayed behaviors such as drinking and addictions.

However through the Bible he taught me how to change my thinking. It’s hard to look at yourself and your character defects. Honestly it sucks! It’s hard to realize that you have these behaviors and actions that we do.

This is why the Bible is called living water. It’s the truth it’s life and it’s GOD.

As you get to the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired that the only way to go. Instead of walking with your head down you move it so you walk with your head up. In time as GOD is showing you your character defects your rises just a little bit more.

Just like the sun Sets in the west and rises in the east you start to want to look up even more to see the beauty of it. When you do that. If your down and out the only way is up. Right?

That’s when the change starts to occur. You start being more grateful, more knowledgeable and aware of GODS presence. He’s there teaching you that no matter what people say or do under heaven. It’s meaningless because it all belongs to me.

Have faith my friends that whatever is going on in your life just look up.

He there. He’s calling you to learn more. Just like he did me.

Much love my friends,

Melissa Giles

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

And he looked up and said, ” I see people, but they look like trees walking. The Jesus KSU’s his hands on his eyes again; and he opened his eyes, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly. Matthew 8:24-25

Now, your probably asking why this passage at the beginning of this blog? It’s very vague yet some might now exactly what it means.

Well, I am going to tell you how Jesus taught me. Remember I’m not a preacher. I was taught everything I teach by the father in Heaven who looks down on you and I.

Do you know why The Father looks down on us? Not only because he watches everything that we do, however because we don’t know how to act. With that being said, you you must change your thinking.

To do that my friends it takes commitment it takes being knowledgeable about GOD and his character.

GODS character is not if hate it’s of Love. He doesn’t say you did this and that for I am not going to love you.

No did he do that to you? Of course not he loved you and got you out of a lot of different situations rather you knew it was him or not, rather you prayed or not he did it.

Remember in Exodus he said I will take over man and beast and all things are mine! Everything comes from him. He is the creator of the universe.

So! That’s why it’s important to know that. Rather you are Christian or not no matter if you believe or not it’s GOD!

In order to change your way of thinking it’s not only the commitment and knowledge it it’s the willingness to admit that there is a problem in your life. Hands down it’s the way you think.

Surly I am to stupid to be man. I have not the understanding of man. I have not learned wisdom or knowledge of the holy one. Proverbs 30:2-3

When you read proverbs it gives you insight to daily activities, daily understanding of your thinking and who you are.

My friends like us all about you and who you are. It’s not your fault that you act the way you act or think the way you think. It’s not anyone’s fault. People do what they know how to do til they get sick and tired of being sick and tired period!

And even then my friends you might fall seven times before you succeed or even start succeeding. That’s ok! 😉

For the righteous falls seven times and rises up again, but the wicked stumble in times of calamity. Proverbs 24:16

My friends it is written in the Bible that we will. However you have to make the choice to get back up. I promise you he will help you up.

GODS words are true. You know as I write this being an alcoholic and addict to all things promise you! I have done the 12 steps and have continued to do the 12 steps through out my journey here.

When I think about the very first step. I thought oh yeah I got this I believe in GOD however I didn’t submit and didn’t give him all things. I had an awesome Spiritual Awakening. Yet I lacked fully trusting him. That was in 2014.

Now four years later I’m realizing that I did not even do the first step which is surrendering. I still continued in my addictions and behaviors. That’s ok. In time he changed my thinking.

Now I am a imitator of GOD. He created me to be that way. He wants to teach you to do the same.

There is promises I mean extreme promises in obeying him. He will restore all your riches even the ones from past generations of the people who did not listen from way back when he will give you those too.

The key is Faith my friends. And I am going to teach you.

Much Love

Melissa Giles

if your sick and tired of being sick I’m tired comment below and let me know what you are looking for. Let me know what it is I can help you with. I am an open book. I can’t wait to hear your comments.😇😇😇❤️

As the journey continuous!

As I am just hours away of living my what I consider my home town Colorado and going back to the state I was born. Texas!

All streams run to the sea, but the sea is not full; to the place where the streams flow, there is flows things. Ecclesiastes 1:7

So powerful right now. I sit in this hostel counting seconds that I leave. I have to say this is the first time that I have stayed awake thinking about my future on this decision I am making without the use of drugs.

This for me is deep. As I am saddened with the results of me leaving I am grateful. Spending the last week in hotels spending money people helping me with food and money. Still drinking almost getting back into the back sliding of everything not just drinking. Reminds of a Proverb that says stay away from backsliders for they are fools.

That’s part of the transformation of the way we think. I remembered that Proverb and made every thought about how I was not backsliding. Then because of my faith I have to remember all things come from GOD.

Really was I a back slider or did it come from GOD. Reminded of a passage in Romans. Because you have faith does it make you right for doing what your doing! By no means!

Again as I sit and ponder my new adventure. Moving to were I was born I’m thankful for drinking that night and GOD saying you need to leave Colorado. With in minutes I was online on my phone buying a plane ticket. With something like 200 in my account bought the ticket for $79.

Then I thought wait where am I going to stay? Was just hours away of having to leave the hotel I was at going to the hostel that I’m at now. I can’t take the 3 25 gallon tubes full of pictures and paperwork. Then all the food. Texas is hot I don’t have clothes for Colorado let alone Texas.

Then the thought said to me have you not done this before. Yes I answer myself. I have more now then I had then. So why am I letting these questions of doubt enter my mind.

Now as I sit here thinking of not really knowing anyone in Texas. I know one person there. However they have there own thing going and I know that there is opportunity there. As scary as it is. I have $256 in my account praying there isn’t a carry on fee at the airline.

I just got a notice on my phone that someone tried to use my card at a hotel and that they may have to cancel my card. It certainly wasn’t me. So I’m thinking I’ll take care of it tomorrow morning as the text came through that they would be calling me.

End result my card it canceled I’m leaving literally in approximately 2 hours for the airport. Thank God I have bus tickets to get there. What about getting from the airport in Texas to the hotel I’m staying at as I am pleading with the operator to not turn it off.

I understand these people are powerful for I have been dealing with them for almost a year. To the eye of the person who thinks they are wise would judge these people by their appearance and what they wear. Sadly the whole reason we shouldn’t judge anyone! Rings true to the saying don’t judge a book by its cover.

Stress I have been taught to be a women of Faith. So the voice says why stress. It’s going to be ok. Then I say now I have to walk to the light rail station instead of taking a lyft when it’s really only 2 minutes by car. I am fearful of these people. It’s dark and yeah! So, the voice says where is your faith? Isn’t faith greater than fear! As I sit her and shake I know in my heart I say yes.

I know I am protected. One of my gifts that GOD gave me was the gift of hearing what people think. I heard last night your not leaving here alive.

Some may call me crazy and don’t know what I am talking about. And dear not boast about the gift. It’s real.

As of right this moment continue on with your head held high. Do not fear for I am with you.

Stay blessed my friends

Melissa Giles

How to over come tough times.

The one thing about of humans is that very few are actually defeated. We can endure a lot. As you can probably relate. Here I am going to give you some ways to overcome tough times.

1. Faith! Having the mindset of faith is amazing. Judge not according to appearance. Your troubles are temporary. They to will pass not stay.

2. Be thankful for all things. All things come from GOD no matter who you are.

3. Have a positive attitude and the mindset of no matter how bad it gets I’m going to make it. Affirmation daily.

4. Patience engage on constant action. Our troubles do not go away if we don’t do something about it. With that we can’t expect not to do whatever it takes to correct the problem. It may not happen when we want it. God does all things in his own time. In which usually it’s way better than what you have.

5. You are not your circumstance. The more we concentrate on the problem the problem seems to get bigger. Be thankful for your circumstance. Don’t just sit on the pity pot. Your life and you are so much more valuable than that.

6. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Only GOD does. He has a plan for you and for me. He wants to change your thinking so that you may live your purpose and walk into your destiny. He builds your character if you allow him.

7. I can’t say it enough thank him for whatever it is that’s troubling you. He gave it to you now give it back and know he has you!

Use what is written here and soon you will be well on your way to a life you want.

My love my friends,

Melissa Giles

Faith VS Flesh

Let both grow together until the harvest, and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn. Matthew 13:30

The weeds is our thinking. It’s what you are taught. Let them grow together bind them up and burn them. Do away with. During harvest your thinking is getting better because it is becoming like GOD.

Faith is that small mustard seed that will grow into a tall tree and that’s YOU.

If you just trust GOD.

He put another parable before them saying, the kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his field. Matthew 13:31

You are made to have heaven on earth. You are powerful. That seed that he is talking about is you to trust him in all things.

You know I took my first lea of faith on 11/1/2013. Here it is 2019. Let me tell you it at times have been a nightmare. Yet it is so amazing. I have never lost my faith and that mustard seed has made me to be of GOD!

My thinking has gotten better because he made me better. How can anyone not trust GOD. I don’t understand it.

I suppose that’s why I want to teach you, through my story. I sometimes feel honestly it could be a movie.

Today is the day to trust GOD. Know that all things come from GOD. He gives it to you, seriously think about it. Why can’t you give it back. Lean on him for all things. That’s why he gives it to you.

You guys the feeling of having true Faith is indescribable.

As I share my story through this blog I hope that you gain the knowledge of what true faith is.

The weeds of your thinking is what is keeping you stuck in your life. It’s the thoughts that we let take control of our thinking in which develops actions.

Have a great day my friends.

Melissa Giles